Finally, after repeated changes in numbers, I’m off to cater for a photo shoot for 12 people. I’m sure my Pesto Princess apron will bring me all the luck I need!


To be served at 9am.

12 x Individual parfaits of muesli, Greek yoghurt, honey and fresh berries.

12 x Bran muffins; with butter and choice of two home-made fruit jams.

12 x Assorted fruit juices.

12 x Still mineral water.

Plastic knives and spoons & paper serviettes.


To be served at 12.30pm.

10 x Individually clingwrapped fajitas filled with roasted chicken, mayo and rocket & walnut pesto.

Approx. 20 x Mini salmon fishcakes with spicy guacamole dip.

24 x Mini pita breads on a platter with two bowls of spreads: caponata (a Sicilian dish of stewed aubergines, peppers and tomatoes; thanks for the recipe, Tandy!) and rocket & walnut cream cheese.

1 x Platter of potato samoosas and Moroccan meatballs.

12 x Assorted fruit juices.

12 x Still mineral water.

Paper plates and paper serviettes.

Mid Afternoon:

To be served at 3pm.

1 x Chocolate cake.

12 x Assorted Simba chips (small packets).

12 x Simba peanuts (small).

12 x assorted chocolate bars.

12 x Assorted fruit juices.

A sink bath filled with ice will be supplied for the drinks.

Studio will supply tea and coffee.

Is it really only 8am? I need a nap …