What happens during Mercury Retrograde?:

Since Mercury rules communication, it’s said that everything goes haywire in that area emails get deleted or bounced back, mail is returned, calls go out into the ethers, etc. Some people find that their computers go on the fritz or phone lines go down…


In other words, Mercury can muck with electric / electronic things in a devastating way.

Back in January 1998, pregnant with Original Bunn and planning to be an ‘organic super Mummy’, I asked Old Spouse to buy me a food processor for my birthday. This he did and the machine has served me well; yielding chopped veg for more soups and casseroles than I could ever keep count of. I was very sad when it stopped working a month ago. I put it in a hall cupboard, too sentimental to throw it away.

With a batch of steamed cauliflower waiting to be pureed, I resorted to my little stick blender and was dismayed to find that didn’t work either and I flung it in the garbage bin in a fit of pique.

Last week, I took out my hand mixer to stiffen egg whites for a cake. Whaddaya know? The damn thing also wouldn’t work. Seemed motivation to go ahead and buy that Empire Red KitchenAid Artesan Mixer I’ve so long had my heart set on.

Only thing was, the mixer costs a hefty R5 995. and I needed to replace my cell phone; the battery wouldn’t charge and I couldn’t find a replacement, so I had to decide which item to spend a lot of money on.

I vacillated; one day I was resolved to buy a Blackberry and wait a few months until I could afford the mixer. The next day I’d reason that a cheap phone would suffice as the mixer was essential in my every-day life.

Driving home yesterday, I mused on the misfortune that was constantly befalling all my electrical appliances. I cursed that Mercury must be in retrograde and hoped no more of my things would give up the ghost.

This morning, waking from a dream in which I was wielding a whizzing hand blender in the air, a thought struck me: perhaps I should check the two-prong plug adaptor I used for all these appliances … I fetched another one from my bedroom and plugged it in.

Ha! Here is your culprit! :

My food processor has just chopped a mound of butternut, soup later today.

My hand blender has just whisked some eggs and cream for cupcakes.

My cell phone is happily getting its battery charged.

It’s a pity about the stick blender, but – heck – they’re a lot cheaper than artesan mixers. Even if they don’t come in Empire Red.



  1. So glad it was only the plug Cin, and that you are back in operation ~ I’ve lost my Blog… and cincerely hope it’s only a plug! No pun intended ;o)
    Have a great day, mixing, whipping, cooking… and recharging!
    All this talk of food has made me hungry… LOL
    Thanks for the great read.

  2. Brilliant thinking – and makes me wonder yet again: where do when we sleep? 🙂

    “Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many.” -Phaedrus (15BC-AD50)

  3. Even if you get a quality kitchen appliance, R6,000 is still rather steep. I’m glad you solved the problem, but you never know, maybe you’ll be spending the money on that appliance soon enough, but by choice when you’re good and ready 🙂 Maybe you’ll even end up paying less for the same thing. You never know!

  4. That is so neat! We receive these messages when we sleep because our eyes, ears, and mind are too overloaded during the day to listen or receive! Your dream emphasizes the reason that we should NEVER ignore “dream signals” until we have absolutely determined that they are only the “flotsam and jetsam” of dream static! Oursue those signals!

  5. My husband bought me a mixer once. He thought it was the grandest thing ever. When I was 20 something I got my middle fingers stuck inbetween the blades of a mixer. Oviously I couldn’t turn it off. My 3 year old son ran out of the room scared to death. My father was in the front yard and the screen door was latched. I really thought I was going to lose my fingers before my father heard me screaming and got in the door. Mixer smixer, I can deal with lumps.

  6. Dang girlfriend, that is super lucky you woke with a dream… You potentially may have been down ALL your favourites. So happy you solved that kitchen nightmare. PS: I’ve got my eye on that very same kitchenaid mixer, they are a little expense, but oh so pretty and super sturdy too. 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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