Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.
Wayne Dyer

There are an abundance of triggers that can set off inspiration for food blogs. Jane-Anne Hobbs touched on some of these in her talk at the Indaba: ingredients, memories, hunger, recipes, showing off and fads. For me inspiration often comes from the challenges issued by my friends on their own blogs. We now have the added inspiration provided by WordPress: the post-a-day and weekly photo prompts. Appropriately enough, this week’s photo theme is abundance.

Tandy’s recent challenge to cook with venison was indeed a challenge: where to find venison; the hunting season is in winter! I also had serious time constraints; she’d only given us a week. Luckily the challenge was extended and my very kind butcher delved into his own home freezer and delivered a Springbok fillet.

Venison was a big deal in my childhood; my Uncle Thabo’s family had owned two farms outside Tweespruit in the-then Orange Free State and we spent many winter school holidays there. I remember watching with ghoulish fascination when the men returned from hunting at dusk, the beautiful buck slung in heaps on the back of their trucks. We’d return home to Bloemfontein with buckets of meat, some for the freezer and the rest to be soaked in a coriander and vinegar traditional biltong marinade and hung to dry in our garage.

For Tandy’s challenge I decided to use two of my goodie bag ingredients: the Robertson Prospect Hill Cabernet Sauvignon (for drinking) and the St Sebastian Bay olive oil (for cooking).

I did pan fried strips of fillet, with black bean sauce, bell pepper ribbons, sage, brown mushrooms and peppercorns.

There is abundance in my life.

I am grateful.


46 thoughts on “ABUNDANCE

  1. Venison is something I only got to really know in adulthood, well except for biltong that is and I hang my head in shame to say I have not really experienced cooking with it – does ostrich count? Then I am a pro.
    🙂 Mandy

  2. I am really enjoying the Saint Sebastian Bay olive oil. What a fabulous tasting oil – great to dip some ciabatta in with a drizzle of fynbos honey balsamic reduction 🙂

    Hugs xx

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  4. Looks good all right! I’m a bit iffy on eating certain kinds of meat on account of who they were before they hit my table. Silly, I guess – it’s not as if there isn’t an abundance of deer around, chomping up people’s gardens and the like…

  5. Your abundance dish looks really sublime. With wild meat, the spices, and fine liquor marinade, I can imagine the aroma. I’ve never tasted deer that I remember. I have experienced an assortment of wild game, but not deer. Blessings, Cindy…

  6. I love venison… usually slow casseroled with juniper berries and red wine… or walnuts. I haven’t cooked it for ages, but then I think of it as a winter dish.

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