“It sloweth age, it strengtheneth youth,it helpeth digestion,it abandoneth melancholie, it relisheth the heart, it lighteneth the mind, it quickenth the spirits, it keepeth and preserveth the head from whirling, the eyes from dazzling, the tongue from lisping, the mouth from snaffling, the teeth from chattering and the throat from rattling; it keepeth the stomach from wambling, the heart from swelling, the hands from shivering, the sinews from shrinking, the veins from crumbling, the bones from aching,and the marrow from soaking.

copied by Joseph Lyons from a 16th Century manuscript


I am off to keepeth the stomach from wambling at the South African Food & Wine Bloggers Indaba in Cape Town. See you all on Monday. Those of you on Twitter can follow us on the hashtag #FBI2011.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. I know mine will be memorable.


64 thoughts on “WAMBLING

  1. Cannot wait to hear about events and experiences at the South African Food & Wine Bloggers Indaba in Cape Town…have a safe and wonderful trip my friend….and now to bed. πŸ˜‰

  2. What a fabulous quote! At one of the churches that Ashley served a few years back, I attended a “pot-luck dinner.” We had them there fairly frequently, but the particular one I’m thinking of right now preceded our annual church conference. I sat near the back of the sanctuary during the meeting, and my tomach started “wambling.” If there ever has been a more descriptive word for what I was experiencing, I’d like to know it!

    My stomach started “wambling” so loudly that people were turning their heads to see where the racket was coming from. It got so bad, I finally had to get up and leave because it was interrupting the conference. To this day I don’t know what I ate at that dinner that did that to me, but it’s never again been that bad, thank God! One of my more embarrassing moments. . .

  3. Hope you had a fabulous break – lucky girl. Had an e-mail from our dear friend up north a couple of weeks ago, what a busy girl she is πŸ™‚ Look forward to your indaba tales – luv Wildie

  4. That’s actually a very lovely bag, the smaller one. I am sure it goes well with your flowery and spring like personality … I don’t know you but I hope you have a similar personality πŸ™‚

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