Tilly Bud. Could there be a more enviable and romantic name? I die a little each time I see it. My own speaks of practicality: Cindy Taylor. Now, doesn’t that just sound like a woman who’d always have a safety pin in her purse, along with an Elastoplast for emergencies?

No, Tilly Bud is ink right out of Marian Keyes’ pen; she is floral and sunny and sexy.

Go and witness her post about discovering which searches lead people to her blog, you will understand immediately what I mean.  (You’ll also discover a fabulous and addictive blog!)

Witness, as a contrast, my blog’s search results:

blue food
savory tart delia smith
long-marinade for lamb shanks
coq au vin on stove
image blue food
streamed salad prawn
exaggeration with the word happy (!!!)
burglar bars
pictures of burglar bars … (You may stop yawning now)

No, again, our Tilly has gems like Tent suppliers in marriages.


It has come to me that I need to inject a little sauce into my posts. As my beloved friend, granny1947, said the other day, some naughty words may get me lots of traffic.

So here, for starters, is my lunch-bowl for today (leftovers from last night). The sauce is called alla puttanesca, which means in the style of the whore!

To paraphrase the New York Times:

Ostensibly a sauce invented and made by prostitutes, it is said that pasta puttanesca was designed to lure customers with its aroma (RUDE!). Other explanations have more appeal to the minimalist cook: that the prostitutes were too busy (hahaha HAVING NINKY-NONKY WITH PAYING CHAPS!) to cook much, or that they had no storage for fresh ingredients and cooked entirely from the pantry. My favorite legend has it that it was a favorite not of prostitutes, but of women who wanted to serve a quick meal (OH YES, WE KNOW YOU MEAN TO SAY THEY WERE HAVING RUMPY-PUMPY!!!) at home in order to move on to other things. Whatever the origin, no better wintertime pasta sauce has come down to us.

Have I shocked everyone?

No matter, let me know if you want the recipe. *lewd wink*




  1. Oh…now wait just one minute…I dearly love Tilly Bud but…one must accept the fact that Cindy Taylor is a name that brings to mind images of other Taylors..like Taylor Swift or Taylor Jacobsonn…such images keep men awake at night…which reminds me…I must be off to bed…lets see…shall count Tilly Buds? 🙂

  2. I love Tilly Bud ~ her name and her blog, but Cindy Taylor does NOT “sound like a woman who’d always have a safety pin in her purse, along with an Elastoplast for emergencies?”

    Although that description did make me chuckle.

    Cindy Taylor sounds like a someone who “walked into a party, like she was walking onto a yacht. Her hat strategically dipped below one eye, her scarf, it was apricot. She had one eye in the mirror as she watched Quentin Crisp stroll by . . . and all the boys dreamed that she’d be their partner, she’d be their partner . . . ”


  3. Thanks for writing about me! I’d like to meet that Tilly Bud because she sounds much more interesting than I am. I always thought it made me sound round and dumpy, which I wasn’t when my husband met me and first called me that; but which is now, alas, all too fitting (unlike any of my clothes).

    As for your name, it is the marriage of two differents: ‘Cindy’ is round and soft and pretty; Taylor is tougher and harder but still approachable (except to men of a certain age, Charles).

    I love your blog and so do many others. It’s wonderful. And, thanks to you, I now also love granny1947’s blog.

    Thanks for the write-up xx

    For the record: I have both a safety pin and an elastoplast in my purse for emergencies, as well as a couple of painkillers.

  4. It looks like whores were not only good in one department!!!!
    Must definetely post the recipe. Of course we want it.
    (Not that i would be allowed to cook it- my knight quite clearly is giving me way too much negative attitude for not just giving him meat and rice every night! No experimenting wanted….ever. And no veg!!! What am i ever going to do? Cook two different meals every night?? WTF?

  5. My searches were rather disappointing in number… unless I’m looking in the wrong place for them!?

    “Top Searches
    isobelandcat, gibbs reflective cycle, my little snowdrop, you came so early, all alone?, tempus fugit clocks for sale” my favourite being
    “you came so early, all alone?”

    Cindy Taylor sounds pretty dazzling to me.

  6. Searching blogs using naughty words? haHAhaHA Now why haven’t I thought of that!? 😉 And here I got my all time high reading on a blog about a blizzard! haha 🙂

  7. Holdonholdonholdon. Isn’t Puttanesca the sauce Lemony Snicket wrote into his script about three unfortunate, ingenious children? Did he know its origin? My daughter knows all about puttanesca!! Let us hope she does not learn Italian for a good long time to come!!

  8. That was truly enjoyable — I’ve eaten puttanesca sauce many times — and have always thoroughly enjoyed it. wonder what that says about my appetite(s)? Very funny, Cindy, loved it!

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