Thanks to Nancy for the heads-up on the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Reading Grandawn’s post this morning I was struck; not by the beauty of the snowy landscape, but by the absence of boundary walls around the houses. This is something I have not seen in South Africa since I was a small child and it’s a scene that never fails to surprise me when I travel abroad.

We’ve grown so accustomed to crime here; higher and higher walls are the norm. It’s impossible for me to put my thoughts into words, really.

Will there ever be a day when the walls will come down?



  1. It is such a shame. I have always admired pictures of rolling lawns down to the pavement (sidewalk) in the USA. I doubt we will ever see that again because the law seems to protect criminals here. Good one, Cindy!

  2. The photos are great but so sad that you need such walls.
    I am so grateful for where I live, everything open.
    I moved hear from Britain and when we took the kids to school and there is no wall or fence. At first, I was really shocked and a little insecure. But now I love it and find it fantastic that my children have an opportunity to learn in such freedom.

    Stay safe.

  3. They are nice walls, those on the pictures, but it was indeed one of the things I found most striking about South Africa: the way people live behind walls. I only went once, for me work, Pretoria, so I didn’t get to see much of the country, but that I remember.

    I don’t think I could live like that – well, that’s easy to say, because I don’t have to, in the Netherlands.

    I’m hopeful that eventually things will get better in SA (they always do) but it may be a long time yet.

  4. What a poignant thought! Most of our houses have fences around the back yards, but rarely do we even have a fence around the front yards. It always surprises me when I see a house with a fence around the front yard. I can’t imagine actual boundary walls around the houses. Wow. . .

    Thanks, Cindy, for referencing my post. 🙂 Dawn

  5. You are so right- and it really is so sad. BUT we need the walls to keep our dogs in too!
    Must be onest, one of teh reasons why we moved to this estate in the country. We will never be able to let our guard down, being city folk, but things are far more relaxed out here.

  6. When I moved to Florida, I was amazed at all the walls, high walls, around people’s residences, and some around whole communities. I didn’t see such walls nearly as much where I came from. It seemed to me to be rather unfriendly, but I got used to it after a while. Boundaries are not bad in themselves, but perhaps some of them would be better if removed. I understand what you’re saying about walls coming down. Blessings to you, Cindy…

  7. Sobering thought looking through these wall photos, beautiful pics too BTW 🙂 You’ve really managing to make us think & be pretty darn grateful for the lack of security we Aussies take for granted.

  8. Great post!

    We lived in Richardsbay for many years before we came to Canada. When we left in 1998 there were hardly any walls, but we were shocked when we visited in 2004 to see almost all the houses had walls, the worst was the churches and schools which even had barbed wire at the top.


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