I’m frightfully grumpy; Kate Shrewsday, that razor-sharp mind and – by far – the most eloquent blogger I’ve ever come across, has – just like that – announced her last post. Short of boarding a plane for London, there’s diddly-squat I can do about the matter. I’m bristling with crossness; fit to be tied, really…

I quite forgot what I was going to blog about today. Wind gone from my sails, as it were.


Here you go, then; went to the Exclusive Books sale yesterday and showed admirable restraint. Most exciting purchase was ‘Feeding Desire’; 288 pages of stuff about the ‘Tools of the Table’. The House &Leisure special edition Food issue … total waste of R40 and the irritation of Trevor Noah bleating his CellC piffle at one as one opens the book. *grump factor increases*

Oh, and, because Mandy in Mauritius mentioned them, and because the people at work have remarked on them, a few of my pairs of specs. I collect them and have them in most colours. I co-ordinate them with my shoes and handbags, which strikes many people as quite bizarre.

Nothing more to say today, I reckon I’ll go out into the garden.

Drown my sorrows and try to formulate some way of getting Kate to change her mind.

Bloody hell!


51 thoughts on “PEEVED, VERY PEEVED

  1. I feel the same way, Cindy – I couldn’t believe it when I read Kate’s last post yesterday. Her writing is quite sublime. Ahhh.
    I’m glad you’re not leaving … happy Sunday!
    Sunshine xx

  2. Oh, I know, Cindy! I’ve seen a few bloggers disappear that I was very fond of. Usually even without warning. It’s a pity but for most of us, it’s just a hobby and it doesn’t always fit with the rest of our lives.

    Promise you won’t do the same!

  3. Apologies, Cindy…never dreamed the post would derail a Sunday morning. I’d go out and spend some quality time with the rabbit. They have hidden depths.

    May I still come here and say hello? Selfishly I would like to benefit from the fact that you have NOT ceased to blog.

  4. It shows a really nasty, sadistic streak that you introduce us to that blogger just as she locks and bars the place!

    Hope she’ll be like me and reappear from time to time.

  5. This is actually not Kate Shrewsday replying but Libby Shrewsday, Big Al’s long suffering mum and i have just read your blogg on kate’s computer. I too am rather cross and feel a little bereft that Kate has decided to have a rest from blogging for a while.

    Hope your day, and indeed your mood, has improved somewhat.

    I feel sure that so much will happen here in the shrewsday world that Kate will eventually feel the need to begin again. That’s what i am hoping anyway!

    I love the fact that you collect glasses and co-ordinate these with your accessories. That is uber-cool!

  6. Love the specs! And I know what you mean about Kate, couldn’t believe my eyes when I read her last post yesterday. (Till the final lines, I thought she was having us on.) I haven’t known her all that long, but I found her blog every bit as addictive as she claims to have found blogging… 😉 Oh well, into each life, etc., etc. Hope you’re feeling better.

  7. I thought the exclusive books sale sucked… unlike you, I coudl not even find one cookbook that i was drawn to. Perhaps they sent all the really bad books to our store in the south? I did find one Rough Guide on some adventures. (Clearly going to be updating that bucket list soon soon.)

    Your spectacle collection must have cost a small fortune? They are all gorgeous.


    • We have two branches in Rosebank and they took over all the walkways, I could have spent thousands …
      The specs aren’t that expensive at all, being ‘over the counter’ readers from Clicks, which is why I can indulge myself as I do 🙂

  8. I was unfortunately enough to pick up 2 magazines with that dreadful Trevor Noah bleating! I violently ripped it out after discovering that the “Win a Blackberry” competition was only applicable once you actually bought one!! Was so not impressed!

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