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Exaggeration is to paint a snake and add legs.  Proverb

I’m very busy, see; that busy that I didn’t have time to do a post yesterday. There was eating and huddling to be done. I’m not exaggerating. All I can offer today is a fruit salad and some trivia …


On this day in 814 Charlemagne died. Charlemagne, Charles I, Charles the Great, King of the Franks, Charles le Grand, Carolus Magnus, Karl Der Grosse, King of the Lombards, master of Western Europe, Emperor. Some of the food related ‘facts’ I have come across related to Charlemagne:
* the peacock was first served in Europe during his reign;
* Saurbraten was invented by Charlemagne;
* Roquefort cheese was a favorite of his;
* the knife began to be used to eat food for the first time during his reign (rather than the fingers);
* Roses were used to cover his tables for meals.
I have no real corroboration for any of these ‘facts’.

– souce: foodreference.com


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  1. nrhatch says:

    Glad that you’re busy in a good way ~ huddling and food trolleys and fun folks to surround you.


    1. theonlycin says:

      I really am having a great time, Nancy!

  2. Morning

    Surely the Peacock was eaten before that, maybe they only started serving it with the feathers around to look interesting in his reign?

    Just asking, not exaggerating…….

    1. theonlycin says:

      Not sure, who knows?

  3. Sounds like you’re enjoying the corporate world.

    1. theonlycin says:

      It’s not that corporate, really, and I am enjoying it, yes 🙂

  4. Hmm, I wonder what peacock tastes like?
    🙂 Mandy

    1. theonlycin says:

      I shouldn’t like to find out, I don’t think … 😉

  5. “There was eating and huddling to be done.”

    1. theonlycin says:

      Hehehe, isn’t it?

  6. Liane says:

    The fruit still looks good. Over here I’ve seen mainly strawberries, bananas, apples and grapes (the latter – one of my favorites – which seems to be out of season for now)… That looks like peaches or mango..? Peaches is another one of my favorites! Almost weekend… wheeuw!

    1. theonlycin says:

      Mango, naartjie and banana 🙂
      Yeah, weekend … wine! Yay!

  7. slpmartin says:

    Okay just finished listening to fine jazz…but had to see what you were up to before heading off to bed….I see you’ve been busy. 🙂 Good Night my friend!

    1. theonlycin says:

      Interested to know what the jazz was 🙂

  8. Tandy says:

    cannot imagine eating peacock!

  9. souldipper says:

    It delights me to see you so happy. Bravo.

  10. nursemyra says:

    Roquefort cheese is one of my favourites too

    1. theonlycin says:

      I love it too Myra 🙂

  11. You going to get fat with all that huddling!!
    Only joking girl!
    Fabulous that you are so busy though.

    1. theonlycin says:

      Already finding my belt a bit tight 😉

  12. SuziCate says:

    All of this huddling (and good food) might provide you with ample blog fodder for the future. Enjoy your tryst in the business world…sometimes I miss the comaraderie of the work world.

    1. theonlycin says:

      I will say that I am enjoying the reaquaintance with the cameraderie 🙂

  13. Naomi says:

    Happy that you’re happy, Cin! Thanks for that interesting info 🙂

  14. Tes says:

    I miss being busy…. So glad you are happy 🙂

  15. BFG says:

    Still very much enjoying your blog, thanks for all of this.



    1. theonlycin says:

      Aw BFG, so nice to see you again 🙂

  16. Very interesting food facts about Charlemagne. Roses covered his table. Really, Charlie. Hmph. Thank you for sharing such little known trivia about him. Blessings to you, Cindy…

  17. I wonder if peacock tastes like chicken?

  18. Wow., that’s interesting that peacock was served way back then. I think it’d be very much like goose to eat. Has anyone tried eating peacock? Glad your a busy little bee Cin 🙂

    1. theonlycin says:

      I can’t imagine I’d be able to eat peacock, would think it’d be quite boney?

  19. Fruit salad and trivia just fine. Happy days …

    1. theonlycin says:

      And to you too, Jamie, happy days indeed 🙂

  20. I cannot imagine anyone looking at something as magnificent as a peacock and thinking of eating it! Nor a cow for that matter.

    1. theonlycin says:

      Ha, I can’t imagine it either!

  21. I find it so funny that you use the word “reckon”. I thought that was just a silly southern word and was trying hard to lose it.

  22. buttercup600 says:

    Just happy all the way my friend….:)

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