Lunchbox contents:

2 slices (large) leftover roast sirloin pie (from Sunday lunch)

Chopped tomato, onion, gherkin and rocket salad.

Other desktop lunches spotted: Lots of Woolies tubs: Lasagne, Penne Arabiatta, Chicken & Pasta Salad. Wholewheat bread with cream cheese. Yoghurt and fruit salad. I saw one guy eating a big brown bag of sliced biltong.

There is a trolley at 9am with complementary toast and assorted spreads (jam, fishpaste, Marmite, Melrose cheese spread. And fruit.

There is an automatic coffee bar with really good coffee.

They don’t have meetings, they have ‘huddles’ … I attended two ‘huddles’.

And so on to today’s prompt. What is your favorite sound?

I could ramble on about the sounds of waves, the sound of my daughter saying she loves me, an orchestra in full throttle or a lone guitarist strumming on a sunset beach …

Nah, I love the sound of a wine cork popping free from the neck of its bottle.

Damn that no-wine-on-weekdays resolution. What the hell was I thinking?



  1. It’s nice to have a look inside your office, Cin! That toast trolley sounds great and I’m glad they have good coffee. Most of the workplaces I’ve worked at, we would make our own coffee because the machine’s was so bad!

  2. Lunch box content is a very interesting subject indeed 🙂 Sounds like you had a delicious one! It was not that convenient in order to have it, but it sure as hell beats a Woolies tubby any day! My favorite sound… the quiet when I sleep…

  3. Lovely glimpse into your work day, Cindy! It must be January – no KFC or McDonald’s on anyone’s desk at lunchtime? hahahaha!
    Yay for good coffee – our coffee tasted like minced cardboard at my last job!
    Sunshine xx

  4. Favourite sounds… hmmm, a difficult one. Oh! I know:

    A toddler laughing – (you know when they get the giggles and can’t stop, it always makes me want to join in )

  5. I like the sound of rain pouring hard on a tin roof. This fascination comes from a childhood experience camping out with my grandparents. I still long to hear that sound. Blessings to you, Cindy…

  6. Resolutions are surely made only so that they can be broken? 😉 Oh well, the weekend will come soon enough… And gosh, that sirloin en croute looks to die for – wouldn’t mind trading that for my supper of lentil soup with chipmunk bread.

  7. Do you know that as i walk through my office door- my body craves coffee! I leave office in the afternoon and dont even think about coffee. On weekends i couldn’t be bothered if coffee comes or doesn’t, but as i walk through those office doors- I suddenly NEED coffee. Now could you imagine me needing the toast as well…….

    Sounds absolutely awesome. Have they any open spots? Perhaps someone to blog about the workplace, get them on one of the “best places to work” award lists?

    Pie looked amazing!

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