Under the table lies a cork
and there,
in the corner;
carelessly kicked off shoes.

Wineglasses stand around
with tired sediment-smiles,
while the crumbled biscuits
are swept away.

As I think back on the
tales that we shared,
and the laughs that we had …

I just remembered;
I forgot to serve the bloody cake!

Β©Cindy Taylor 2008


28 thoughts on “AND IT WAS …

  1. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who forgets to serve something.

    I found red cabbage in the microwave after a party and I nearly always forget to sprinkle parsley although I love it….

    I like the sediment smiles

  2. I agree with another’s comments in that, yes, you sure can write and I love this piece and it is the first I’ve read. I will return to see more of what you have here. Nicely written.

  3. Chuckle! πŸ™‚ Nicely poemed. I’ve done that sort of thing myself w/o the excuse of spirits … I’ve been accused (wrongly?) of trying to hord the cake for myself.

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