Handstands, cartwheels; upside down view of the sky.

Lying on my back

greensmell grass prickles, there’ll be a rash at bathtime!

making stories out of clouds:

look, there; a camel or a monkey with a big cigar!

Respectable now, older;

feet on the ground, sensible shoes.

Only look upward once in while;

do I need an umbrella?



This is my contribution to Paula’s blog anniversary challenge.

For more info, please read here:



30 thoughts on “CLOUDS FOR PAULA

  1. You cook better than any “pro” , write poetry, inspire us, give sage advice, always leave a comment.

    Which talent or gift will surface next?

    (And this isn’t just part of Flatter-Cindy-Wednesday :D)

  2. Beautiful. You take me back to my childhood – wish we could always look at the clouds and the sky with such joy and abandon. Although I do always look for blue sky and sunshine, always.
    Sunshine xx

  3. Beautiful and so true. Every once in awhile, when life’s stressors are at bay, I look up and wonder why it seems a bit more difficult now to see figures in the clouds and then….there one is. Amazing!

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