31 DECEMBER 2010

The strangest emotion held me in its grip on the first day: I feared this new year. This was an alien awareness for me, as I had never given much thought to the end or beginning of any year. I had never made a New Year’s resolution in my life, and I was always pleased when the festivities and holidays were over and we could get on with life.

So South African writer Zuretha Roos begins the 22nd chapter of her book ‘The Saffron Pear Tree and other kitchen memories’.




24 thoughts on “31 DECEMBER 2010

  1. Enjoy your break Cindy and know that you will be missed by me up here in Canada. Have a wonderful, happy, joyful, prosperous and culinary 2011 full to bursting with love and laughter.

  2. Enjoy your break. I look forward to you return, hopefully soon. However, I understand. I was tempted myself. Instead I think I am not going to follow any pattern with my post…it will be when the writing bug bites me! Hugs to you, dear friend.

  3. Blogging feeds the creative part of your soul and provides stability and reason in a world sometimes gone mad. Its a place for your thoughts and feelings to take route, meaning and in many ways take flight into realms of beauty that we can only dream of. Don’t lose that part of you ever. The darkness that dodges our footsteps should be kept at bay with beauty, friendships and wonder….

  4. Wondered why you went so quiet on FB..was getting worried about you..
    Hope 2011 is a blessed year which brings nothing to fear!

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