The photo has absolutely no relevance to this post, it is for my Northern friends, who are snow-bound.

The post is a re-post in response to Side View’s weekend theme, because I still buy about 7 magazines a month.


I’ve given up on ever having my home featured in H&L, G&H etc. as I just don’t have the heart to hide all the gifts made for me by The Child over the years. Her foray into pottery (mercifully short-lived) yielded an astonishing number of gifts and I had to be extremely careful when giving thanks.  “What a beautiful carrot!” brought the indignant response “It’s a vase, Mom!”   So, in all, I wasn’t achieving the minimalist, monochrome mansion I’d long dreamed of.

The upshot of all this is, of course, that I was able to eliminate one magazine genre from my guilty habit.  When New Year loomed, I gave my addiction some thought: I was buying upwards of 15 magazines regularly.  As I’d always made easily attainable resolutions: one year I resolved to not eat fish eyes, ever (easily done), it now came to me that I would buy ONLY ONE magazine A MONTH!

The decision alone made me feel virtuous; both ecologically (save a tree) and economically (more money for Merlot). But how to choose? Décor was already out (vases, birds, dogs, ET, see above).  I can cook as well as I’m ever going to, besides, there’s my new online friend, Giggling Gourmet, if I get stuck; so that crossed the Foodies off the list.  The Child was born delinquent, so the Parenting Mags hadn’t worked for me anyway.  Cape Town steals whatever time I have to break away and I don’t camp (unless it’s with My Moffies*, but then we CAMP!) so there was no need for Travel.  My dress-sense is abysmal and I’d long-ago resigned myself to being considered ‘quirky’, so it was farewell to the longtime companions, Fair Lady and Femina.  (I shall miss Marianne Thamm).  Sex was a distant memory, so that took care of COSMO. 

What I wanted was a ‘keeper’.  Good journalism and slick production, something that lasted a while and that I could return to for reference. I also wanted to be taken out of my immediate world, so there had to be a good chunk of glamour.  With the looming extinction of print already on the horizon, I wanted a souvenir for the child: a chunky stack of history that I would keep at the beach house for rainy days and nostalgia.

It’s bloody chilly here today, I’m off to the fireside with Vanity Fair.

I know it’s unpatriotic that I chose a foreign mag, but the Merlot is – and always will be – from Stellenbosch.

Keep warm.

*Moffies is a local slang term for homosexuals. It is derogatory, unless one is a fag hag,. Fag hags may use the term freely.

©Cindy Taylor 2008



  1. You crack me up! I gave up the mags! I also gave up on guessing what the art productions I received were! Love the flowers…we’re just sitting in white snow…now pretty colorful blooms. (sigh)

  2. Now why would you want to punish yourself like that… really not a good idea.
    News Year Resolutions, hmm, not my kind of thing. If I had to wait for once a year I would be in big trouble and have a major backlog!
    🙂 Mandy

  3. Just had an “all nighter” – drank a delicious coffee with the Trifle after Christmas Dinner yesterday so I’ve been up for a couple of days. Just fell asleep in the comfort of Charles’ “…” so best I beat my way to my favourite sheets.


    I shall resolve to resist caffeine – cup by cup.

  4. The best is just thinking of doing resolutions… a good feeling to enter the new year. Then whatever must happen, happens. And for the rest, I suppose it is not meant to. See you next year 🙂 About the magazines : there are three I cannot part – and will not – with : quilting, then one about philosophy, lifestyle, health, ecology, someting to think about and the third is one I buy now and then about food.

  5. Ok. The photo has nothing to do with the post, but it’s wonderful anyway!! it reminds me of my beautiful roses (it’s wintertime here, it’s cold and roses are faded… let’s wait for next spring to come!)

  6. Resolutions are not worth the piece of paper (brain) they’re written on… gave ’em up a while back. I do like the glossies though I seldom buy them any more – perhaps do a page-through while in the supermarket checkout line, or in the doctor’s office, studiously avoiding all the bits near the front that tell me I’m not as young (or beautiful) as I once was… well, duh!

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