Hi Friends

I am about to pack it in for the night, but I wanted to alert you, especially my many vegetarian friends, to my friend Sonia Cabano’s brand new blog.

Please go on and give her a nice WordPress community welcome … and any ideas or requests you may have for vegetarian dishes.

Have a super day if you’re just rising, and a peaceful night if you’re about to retire.



12 thoughts on “NEW BLOGGER ALERT

  1. Oh Cindy you are a darling! I love your blog and your daily Facebook updates are my mainstay. Wishing you and yours well over the festive season and the Turducken!

  2. Thanks for reference for vegetarian dishes..I have so few in my cookbooks and never really quite know what to do for my friends of that persuasion. πŸ˜‰ Have a good night’s rest.

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