As I said earlier, it’ raining here. A lot. Our swimming pool can now be described in estate agent-speak as rim flow. We’ve got all manner of flotation toys stacked by the back door. Seems like that little inflatable canoe will soon be the only way to get to the shops.


I’m feeling a bit like Noah’s wife; the animals should be brought inside now; all of them. This will mean rabbit droppings in the lounge, but what can one do?

The authors in the Bible didn’t give Noah’s wife much of a role in the story. In fact, she was deemed so trivial in the whole business that they didn’t even give her a name. Poor woman; who do you think had to deal with cow poop, alpaca poop, ibis poop and all the other kinds of poop. In duplicate; remember there were two of everything! And the constant rain; endless mopping up.

And all this on a bloody boat! I can imagine Noah was quite nervous when he had to tell her what lay ahead:

“ Let me tell you, when The Boss first gave me the brief I seriously thought about getting another job. That’s a big boat by any standards and Mildred nearly hit the roof when I told her what He wanted me to do.  

Forty days and nights rain, Noah? She shrieked. The Man’s meshugge!’  “



  1. Love it, Mildred is the perfect name! And while Noah may have built the arc, Mildred had to contend with everything, including him! Please don’t float away, load the wine, two by two by by brand! Make sure there’s enough for eighty days and eighty nights….longer because then you might have to start growing the grapes before more wine can be made!

  2. I shall be instructing my children in the biblical tales of Noah and Mildred shortly. It does beg the question, what did he call his kids?
    Hope it stops raining soon and you can send out the dove. Or possibly the rabbit.

  3. Haha! Yes, great minds certainly think alike!

    If I remember the Bible correctly, Noah was the one who did all the animal husbandry (that’s why they don’t call it wifery?), and went without sleep for the entire period.

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