I woke up this morning to the smell of burnt cake. I shot straight up in bed in alarm, only to find that it was me: I’d used vanilla body butter after my bath last night and was having a hot flush. People warned me of the mood swings that go with peri-menopause, but nobody told me I’d have to relook my toiletries!

It’s been raining here, continuously, for three days. We also have dark skies, which is very unseasonal; ‘they’ have issued flash flood warnings and, here at home, I have a child with a bout of cabin fever and dogs who are reproachful at being kept in the scullery for fear they will drag mud through the house. Ordinarily, at this time of year, we’d all have sunburn from wallowing all day long in the swimming pool to beat the heat.

In other news, a man jumped off a bridge into traffic on the highway below on Tuesday. “The 35-year-old man, who was critically injured, apparently had a quarrel with his wife, spokesperson Percy Morokane said.” Gosh, must have been quite a quarrel? Mud through the house?

Today is the Day of Reconciliation in South Africa and marks the start of a long weekend. We have friends coming over (mud through the house!) and had planned a braai. I think that plan will be scrapped, best I go and see what my freezer holds in the way of fixings for a curry.

I leave you with this photo; here is Rudi, our reindeer who mysteriously appears in our garden at this time of year and stays for four weeks before disappearing again. The dogs are unsure of Rudi, Lulubelle tries to bite him and Fritzl pees on him. The Shrewsday children, in particular, will be interested to see – in the background – how much our CharlotteBunny has grown.



  1. We have just concluded our early morning CharlotteBunny conference. there was much oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing. We may have to delve back into your archives to have another ganders at tiny CharlotteBunny. That’s quite some growth spurt. We can only surmise you are feeding her on spinach….

  2. Here, too. Torrential rains! However, as this is Canada, better rain than snow.

    Thank you for a great laugh. Burnt Cake still has me in stitches. What a riot. Wonderful reward after a business meeting and doing minutes.

  3. The weather here is wonky too ~ bright blue skies but cold, cold temps. About 30 degrees cooler than average for this time of year.

    When you said you woke to the smell of burnt cake . . . I assumed it would turn out to be a dream. Instead, it’s the nightmare of night flashes.

    No more vanilla scented body lotions. 😉

    Love the reindeer . . . so much better than the rain, dear.

  4. Love that reindeer, and my goodness, how that bunny has grown! We’ve got rain and more rain here too, not unusual for this time of year, mind you, though we complain anyway 😉 For a brief moment the other day it looked like snow, but it righted itself soon enough. After all, this is Victoria. 🙂

  5. Still giggling about your post…what is that little saying about little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice…didn’t know about the cake part until now. 🙂

  6. I guess jumping off a bridge is a good way to end any argument. Who’s going to fight with a guy in ICU? 🙂 (Somewhat tragic though…) Imagine all future sensitive discussions… “Now don’t go jumping off a bridge, but…” A little unfair I’d say.

  7. Is that your garden? It’s lovely. I’m in love with anything dealing with gardens…
    P.S. It’s raining over there, isn’t? Well, you’re lucky. Here it’s SNOWING! Good to have a white Christmas, but when all the streets are paralyzed…. mmmm…)

    • Yes, Rita, we have quite a large garden, this picture is taken in a small courtyard outside my kitchen.
      The rain stopped eventually, and we now just have the usual sporadic summer showers daily.
      I agree that a white Christmas is nice, as long as one doesn’t have to travel.

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