As seen on Spirit Lights The Way:

Each day take one of the Seven Deadly Sins and create a list that relates to you:

Day 1 ~ Vanity:  Seven great things about yourself.
Day 2 ~ Gluttony:  Seven guilty pleasures.
Day 3 ~ Avarice (Greed):  Seven worldly material desires.
Day 4 ~ Sloth:  Seven things you neglect to do.
Day 5 ~ Envy:  Seven things you lack and covet.
Day 6 ~ Wrath:  Seven things that piss you off.
Day 7 ~ Lust:  Seven love secrets

Well, Sunday is my day for answering these listy-things, so I will do all seven in one day … because I can *blows raspberry* … and with only one answer to each *another raspberry* …

The Seven Deadly CINS:


Vanity is my favourite sin.  Al Pacino.




Nothing irritates me more than chronic laziness in others. Mind you, it’s only mental sloth I object to. Physical sloth can be heavenly.  Elizabeth Hurley.



A hangover is the wrath of grapes.  Author unknown.


“I’m at the age where food has taken the place of sex in my life. In fact, I’ve just had a mirror put over my kitchen table.” Rodney Dangerfield.

To repeat what I blogged in response to the poetry challenge on this very theme:

My poetry muse appears to have eloped with my sense of humour; I hope they’ve gone somewhere nice and come back refreshed, maybe with a healthy suntan and a suitcase full of inspiration. 

The reason for my wrath is a computer that seems to be on its last legs; and a project that is giving me hell.  I do envy those who tackle technology with such ease … but my pride forbids me to ask for help, and my greed for retaining this client makes me battle on crossly.

I lust for the end of each working day, when I can kick my shoes off and give in to sloth, pour a glass of wine and indulge my gluttony in my kitchen.

And there you have them: The Seven Deadly Cins!


35 Comments Add yours

  1. this was brilliant! thanks for the laughs. not everyone can get those.

    1. theonlycin says:

      I’m glad I made you smile 😀

  2. nrhatch says:

    LOVE IT!

    That mixer is “pretty in pink,” and those prawns are making me hungry.

    1. theonlycin says:

      I want a red one …

  3. Love it. But what if you want to mix something orange? Doesn’t the clash of colours put you off?

    1. theonlycin says:

      No, I shall simply wear dark glasses!

  4. Supa says:

    Excellent! 🙂

  5. leigh says:

    Vanity, the bastard 🙂

    1. theonlycin says:


  6. nzwaa says:

    I hope sense of humour doesnt stay long.

  7. Tandy says:

    love all of them! I am hankering after a kitchen aid but I know my budget is not going to stretch that far xxx

    1. theonlycin says:

      Maybe I’ll get some nice work next year… xxx

  8. slpmartin says:

    Oh what a lovely way to head off to bed..hearing about someone else’s sins…I feel secure that I should wake in the morning and over morning coffee I shall savory more of your words. 🙂

    1. theonlycin says:

      Hope you’re having sweet dreams 🙂

  9. Rosemary says:

    You are the original Cin – all seven of the best! I love this post.

    1. theonlycin says:

      Thanks Rosemary 😀

  10. Jem says:

    Nice post Cin!

    1. theonlycin says:

      Hiya Jem, thanks, happy holidays 🙂

  11. souldipper says:

    “Of the seven deadly sins, only envy is no fun at all.” -Joseph Epstein

    Of the seven deadly sins, he says
    Envy proves no fun at all.
    Cut it down to six my friend
    Enjoy and have a ball!

    1. theonlycin says:

      Love it, thanks 😀

    1. theonlycin says:

      Thanks Mandy 😀 xxx

  12. I love all of these, Cindy – even the raspberries. You’re too funny and clever by half! (Or by seven.)
    Sunshine xx

  13. suzicate says:

    You sure did a great job with that challenge! I think I’ll prop up my feet and have toast to your success! That really is a cool challenge…I’m afraid of what I might find if I look too hard!

    1. theonlycin says:

      Yes, ’tis best to just do it in jest 😀

  14. I was under the impression my life was complete until I saw the shocking pink mixer.
    Now I am envious beyond belief.

    1. theonlycin says:

      And they come in all colours, we can but dream, can’t we?

  15. gospelwriter says:

    Oh, I do like WRATH! – um, the quote, I mean: A hangover is the wrath of grapes. Author unknown. And now I’m envious that someone else (even if unknown) said it before I even thought it. Sigh. 🙂

    1. theonlycin says:

      Never mind, use it freely, I do 🙂

  16. Kavita says:

    Your poetry muse may have gone on a stroll (if you say so).. but your MUSE hasn’t stepped an inch away from you…
    You are soooooo Cinful witty!!! 😉
    Stay thus, my friend..

  17. dustus says:

    The poetry muse of humor has been quite kind to you!

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