I said to a friend the other day, in sympathy for her tale of woe about not being paid by her client “It’s just been such a dreadful year, hope 2011 is better.” Doing a double-take, I immediately had to withdraw my comment. In most respects it was an excellent year.

There was a steady stream of work and I must thank all the publishers from the bottom of my heart: Kim, Corina, Rachel, Louise, Madeline; and the agencies: Sal, Jane, Suzette. From my keyboard to God’s ears that you’ll all have work for me next year.

The wine estates gave me more cases than I managed to keep count of, and made me widen my horizons and up my cooking game, thank you Kleine Zalze, First Sighting, Robertson, Arniston Bay, Adoro, Ataraxia … (I know I’m leaving a lot of names out of the list, I hope I thanked them adequately at the time.)

Thanks to Dan at Sabrage RSA, I now own my very own French saber, and have the challenge of learning to use it to open champagne bottles.

Cookbooks came in a steady stream of gifts and prizes; each a permanent presence in my kitchen from the people who sent them: my grateful thanks forever to Susan, Amanda, Sonia Cabano, Alexa at KZ & Justin Bonello. Whirlpool gave me a big, shiny new stove that will help me cook all these new recipes and provide me with new material for this blog of mine; which has taken on a life of its own and which – miracle of miracles – has a steadily growing number of readers who seem genuinely interested in what I’m doing here.

And to Jeremy Sarkin and Ulla von Holtz, because I now am one of the more clued-up people about Kaiser Wilhelm II’s role in the tragic Herero Genocide and the colonial roots of Nazism.

Marina and Kaylee at Yuppiechef; you brought me boxes of happy and pink joY.

I was blessed with supportive friends during a hideous incident in April; you know who you are and you know how much you mean to me. WordPress opened a new world – literally the universe – and brought new friendships, untold riches.

Parties, visits, letters and postcards.

Phonecalls, inside jokes, challenges and chilli-bracelets.

And music from Paris, thank you Rhoderic Land. Je Taime.

Yes, looking back I can honestly say there were just enough clouds to make a beautiful sunset.


41 thoughts on “LOOKING BACK, TAKE 2

  1. There’s always something to be thankful for, if we look… I too have had an amazing year, bountiful in its own way, in unexpected ways – guess I’ll have to blog about it too. 🙂 Awesome blog and sunset pic.

  2. Lovely post, Cindy. It cheers me up. It’s been a complicated and somewhat heavy year for me and my family but we’ve been blessed by the birth of our baby so 2010 was a great year! and, as gospelwriter said, there’s always something to be thankful for! 😀

  3. It’s so important to take note as you have done of all those blessings that have rolled in during the year – and yours sounds as though it was fabulous. Like the others, I love your last line and the use of the word “enough”.

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