noun; someone or something, or an act that is not genuine. adj not genuine; false; counterfeit. verb (faked, faking) 1 to alter something dishonestly; to falsify something or make something up. 2 tr & intr to pretend to feel (an emotion) or have (an illness). fakery noun (fakeries) the act of faking. ETYMOLOGY: 18c.

When all is said and done it becomes quite obvious that a Croquet Madame is just a gussied up ham and cheese sarmie … with egg on its face.

But I am hungry now and want to eat my breakfast.

My friends are far more eloquent than me; go see their views on the subject:






44 thoughts on “DUPLICITY

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  2. I am really naive and gullable – I do not know why people have to be vicious……………….. xxx – I want to come for breakfast like that! yum!

  3. Great looking ‘sarmie’ πŸ™‚
    What is the best way to deal with trolls? I saw some of it on the other blogs, and I believe that DV and MM were being targeted but I miss out on a lot with not having access during the day.

    • A straightforward old troll is easy to ignore, but when it’s someone who pretends to be nice behind another face it becomes more difficult. Glad I am no longer there.

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