It had to happen; I just thought I had a few more years.

This morning, with all the finesse of a blunt hatchet; I received these words:

Uh uh! Not true! My teacher says… and I was instantly demoted from my pedestal.  I am no longer Omniscient Super Materfamilias.

Not only have I proven sadly lacking in matters of math, I find that my previously elevated status as purveyor of fine shoes has plumbed to depths that are now perceived as cringe-worthy.  I expect that my (formerly) perfectly acceptable birthday party arrangements and leisure outings will soon be scorned as

so, like, raaaandom.


Yes, Original Bunn is becoming a tweeny and my groveling plea that we ‘need to have a talk’ has met with the apathetic



It truly was a better world when we were allowed to hit them. 

In the meantime, I need to launch a smear-campaign against a certain know-it-all, smartass teacher; so I’m off to spend some time with a telephoto lens and Photoshop…

I’ll wager the clever thing can’t whip up 3 dozen good-luck-for-the-exams muffins before 6am in the morning, like Mom can!



37 thoughts on “MY TEACHER SAYS …

  1. As a teacher said to me, in response to this, ‘it’s a fine line between interference and supporting….’

    ‘I of course understand that it’s a fine line that parents tread. They thank you. Years and years from now.’

  2. You must be devastated that she will no longer seek your advice on . . . matters (maters) of the feet!

    Raising children from toddlers to tweens to teens is a challenging job. That’s why I decided not to enlist!


  3. What was that saying about familiarity? I remember the days of having crushes on some teachers and thinking they could do no wrong… Just stages teens have to go through, unfortunately, Cin, but they won’t last forever.

  4. Sad fact of life… sooner or later our own t(w)een years come back to haunt us. On the bright side, this should put paid to years of potential blog-block, don’t you think? 😉

    Ooh, those muffins do look good! – you’d win me over in a jiffy. 🙂

  5. I have this nagging feeling you and I don’t get to be Omniscient Super Materfamilias again for some time. However, if she ever has a baby she’ll be in awe all over again. I know I was.

  6. Oh no… You’ve just made me aware of something horrid. Not only did my mother have to go through feeling outsmarted by a teacher, she had to swallow being outsmarted by a colleague. Gulp!

    *Adding note to Begging Forgiveness List*

  7. Eeeekkkkk! Life as you know it is about to change big time!
    By the team it was teacher/parents/guardian night – I wanted to kill the teacher even though I hadn’t met her until that night. Unfortunately I couldn’t hate her – she was lovely!
    So after that – when ever the teenagers said “But my teacher said” – I would say – “but your teacher said that you can become everything you set your heart to and we all know that you will NEVER become a Ballet Dancer – so fat lot SHE knows”. They stopped saying that after I told them that ditty after about the 20th time.
    Take that you sods!

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