Menopause brings with it some interesting things, among them a change of sleep pattern and rather vivid dreams in the very early hours of the morning.  A recent one had me in my kitchen with Gary Mehigan (MasterChef Australia judge), there was so much steam that I couldn’t look my husband in the eye when I woke up …

He’s a dead sexy bloke, is Gary, in a non-dangerous, ‘Dad’ kind of way.  Like Colin Firth.  Can’t find out anything about him on the internet, so I don’t even know if he’d be available for a kitchen frolic, but I do find that he is very partial to making bœuf bourguignon, which, when you really think about it, is exactly like coq au vin, with chicken instead of cow.

Wide awake and assailed by guilt at my dreamland infidelity, any attempt at back-to-sleep felled by the neighbours’ crowing rooster, I made my way to the kitchen and chopped up a fowl. 

I’ve had another windfall of wine prizes and wanted to make the perfect pairing for the Robertson Wolfkloof Shiraz that arrived last week.  The Platter’s wine guide says “ in ultra-ripe, full-throttle-fruit mode … dense and concentrated styling for robust food”. 

Turning to that all-time classic no-nonsense tome of culinary science, Joy of Cooking (Rombauer, Becker & Becker) I smiled as I read “When the old rooster, or coq, lost his crow, he would find himself the main ingredient in this classic French country fricassee.  Commonly made with red wine … choose one that is fruity …”  Ha! A match made in heaven.

Still trying to get Gary off my dirty mind and appease my unknowingly-cuckolded husband, I made parkin for pudding.  He told me I am very sweet and gave me a kiss.

Oh, I will surely burn in hell one day …

Parkin with Nestle Magnum Almond & Vanilla mini ice cream.



  1. Oh those early morning steamy liaisons are delictable – i have such a thing for that Willy Wonker chocolate man – even though he has dirty finger nails ……….. WHICH I HATE!!! oh Menopause is well, Menopause!! xxx jan

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, dreamland infidelity. Does it count? When you consider the oddness of most dreams I’m inclined to give the verdict of not guilty.

    However that parkin looks suspiciously as though it has chocolate in it, and as we all know cooking with chocolate leads to chocolate on various body parts………..


  3. How ironic…my first cookbook was the Joy of Cooking and was followed quickly by the Joy of Sex. I said to my poor new husband, “I’m a lover, not a cook!” You’ve outdone me again, Cin…you are both!!

    Fess up…when you read about that old Coq…did your mind wander to a neighbouring morsel?

  4. Bwahaha! That morning the rooster didn’t crow . . . I began to suspect that a post on Coq au Vin would be appearing soon.

    You weren’t dreaming of Gary’s cock . . . it was his coq you were after! 😉

    COCK-a-doodle do!

  5. Carrots aside that looks like it would go excelent with three glasses of wine. I’m drooling.

    Gary Mehigan looks like a giant baby. I’m pretty sure you had a nightmare.

  6. So has Mr Bourdain been knocked off his pedestal? *wink*

    You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve taken Garden & Home to task and my subscription will now run from Jan 2011! Let’s see if the issues actually start arriving!

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