A rare bout of blogger’s block has struck, with my husband away being the probable cause; O Bunn and I are having makeshift meals not worthy of blogging about.  Last night the daft child requested cookie dough (unbaked!) for dessert.  Things will likely change in the baking department soon: Whirlpool have advised that they will replace poor Wall-E with a new model.  And so we have another case-book study of the power of social media; I made a bit of online noise and achieved in 8 days what I had been battling to get sorted in more than a year.

Which brings me to Side View’s weekend challenge … “THE ODD ONE OUT”

Shortly after creating the Facebook group to raise awareness of my stove troubles, I received a friend request from a ‘Belinda’ whom I didn’t know.  I had a look at the woman’s page and saw that she had no friends at all, and that there was no activity whatsoever on her page.  Mystified, I sent her a private message asking how she knew me.  She replied that she didn’t know me, but had found me through a random search of common interests.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt and accepted her friend request, but it continued to niggle and I still find it strange that I am the odd one, out of millions chosen.   On closer investigation of ‘Belinda’s’ profile, I find that her email address directs to a ‘Wayne’.  Am I paranoid to suspect that Belinda/Wayne is a Whirlpool mole, created to watch the public response on my Facebook group?

Doesn’t matter really, at least my loaves won’t look like this from now on.


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59 thoughts on “THE ODD ONE OUT, I SMELL A RAT

  1. I don’t like to accept “friends” I don’t know. I find they often post stuff weird stuff anyway. Glad to hear you got the result you were looking for from Whirlpool. Have a great weekend!

  2. Dodgy in the extreme, but then I am paranoid and have invented a who alternative personality online to fend off the Belinda/Waynes of this world. Perhaps, on reflection, I am the dodgy one!!

  3. Belinda might be a mole
    Or perhaps she’s a troll
    Wayne might be a spy
    Or just a lonely guy

    I’ve found cyber-space
    A peculiar place
    Now that that’s been said
    I’m off to bed

    Keep an eye on their wall . . . something seems “off.”

    BTW: That is one ugly loaf of bread! Yowsa!

  4. Very often a bout of “blog-block” is necessary, I firmly believe in the old adage of “distance gives perspective”.

    Blogging something different than the “usual” serves a purpose.

    Now answer this Q please, everywhere I go I always hear of the “view from the side” challenge.
    How did this come to be such an ubiquitous thing here and on other blogging platforms?

    … 🙂

    • Well, Sidey blogs on Letterdash and WordPress and the challenge goes back to long before I started blogging, so I can’t answer the question. I am, however, always entertained by the different responses to the theme every weekend.
      Have a good one 🙂

  5. Have a lovely, peaceful weekend – husband back, Wall-E restored, daughter better – all important! And I would most certainly un-friend the dodgy one … would make me hugely uncomfortable.
    Hugs from sunny and chilly London xx

  6. Maybe I should get you to wage social war on Caxton/Garden & Home magazine for me! Since subscribing in May I haven’t received a single issue! Phone calls lead to empty promises and emails go unanswered! 😦

  7. The same thing happened to me…after 3 refusals she got the mind goes blank of what was her name….I now “choose” wisely who I accept on fb….Yvette x

  8. I’ve been getting friend requests in my email (spam folder) and I’m not even on FB – never have been. Glad you unfriended her…

    That loaf of bread – I have to say I never expected to see something like that come out of the kitchen of the One & Only – it’s gotta have been Wall-E. So happy for you, getting a new one.

  9. hey there Amica Mia , keep your eye on that one person. It could be a spy , I wouldn’t like it either. There are a lot of weird people on FB .

    Have a super evening

  10. Glad you ‘unfriended’. Seems to me that Wall-E must be a reputable enough company that it would not have to resort to such silly tactics. However, I do have this eternal faith that reputable people operate in a state of probity.

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