Indian Pork with Lime Pickles.  There it was on Marisa’s blog, a beautiful meal;  I wanted it.  Only thing was; mine were the wrong kind of lime pickles; an oily jar of lumps of lime.  No amount of staring at the jar brought forth any inspiration.

As it happened, Indian dishes were just popping up all over.  And Indian news … most jarring was the murder, on Sunday, in my country, of young bride Anni Dewani.

I was sick to my stomach when I heard the news on Monday morning; sad beyond measure because it came in the wake of such a crime-free Soccer World Cup, which had gone far to lift South Africa’s reputation with the rest of the world.  The incident, ostensibly reported as a ‘simple’ hijacking gone wrong, happened in Gugulethu, possibly the most dangerous place in the world.  I immediately thought: Shocking and tragic news, but I must question the wisdom of willingly going into Guguletu for a tour?


As the day progressed, it seemed many people were finding holes in the story, more holes than my colander.  These are a few of the good points noted, in a blog posted open letter to the Daily Mail, by my friend Niels.  I’ve edited them because, when he gets excited about a news story, he tends to write like an effervescent on steroids:

“The obvious thing is to criticize South Africa’s lawlessness, as we do have an unacceptably high murder rate. 

Please do not think I am insensitive to everybody’s grief and pain but I need to point out a few questions I have about the story as it is being told.

1)      Why did the driver take the couple into Gugulethu?

The answer is that the woman wanted to see REAL AFRICA.  If the driver was a local, (he knew how to find Gugulethu, so I would assume he is) he would well know that Gugulethu is a good place to avoid after dark, especially late on a Saturday night, once alcohol has been flowing.  As a white South African, I know this well because I have

a) been warned not to go into Gugs after dark on weekends and

b) was too stupid to heed this good advice.

2)      In your article, the husband says they had a lovely walk on a calm and beautiful evening.

This is untrue.  I live in Somerset West and I have reports from my friend who lives on the beachfront, where this romantic walk happened, that the South Easter was blowing something nasty on Saturday night. (My note: you need to have experience of Cape winds to fully understand the relevance of this point.)

3)      Up until the hijacking, the husband claims that he and his wife were completely unaware of what was happening as they were in the back seat looking at photos from their safari.

I find two things curious:

i) why would the wife insist on seeing real Africa and then look at a photo album?

ii) why did they take the photo album to dinner with them in the first place?

4) If the woman was killed in the Sharan, then one would imagine she was killed at close range.  Why three shots? Three shots suggests that there is emotion attached to the killing.

I hope this case is quickly resolved and the truth is heard. I can’t help but feel we haven’t come close to hearing it yet.

Thank you

Niels Himself

Somerset West”

I’m very confused by the whole business myself, too many things don’t gel in the various accounts I’m hearing and reading. 


I forced myself back to the lime pickle.  Perhaps with a bit of cheese and a cracker, I thought.


Perfectly horrible.  Doesn’t go with wine, I found.

Unlike murder and lime pickle, I do understand wine.

Best stick with what I know?



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  1. theonlycin says:

    I have no idea what happened with the formatting of this, and can’t fix it …

  2. Supa says:

    It’s all very suspicious and South Africa is taking the rap 😦

    1. theonlycin says:

      I don’t like some of the debate that I’m seeing on the internet at all, Supa!

  3. there is definitely more to this that first appeared

    1. theonlycin says:

      Yes, not red herrings as much as smokin’ snoek in this one!

  4. It’s an awful and tragic story – really. I do concur with you and your friend, Niels, though. There has been so much negative commentary over here about SA (in the realm of citizen journalism predominantly), and the wisdom of going to SA on holiday AT ALL! So unfortunate, on every level.
    Sunshine xx

    1. theonlycin says:

      I really feel this is not an SA crime!

  5. Awful, tragic story – wherever it occurred! Niels comments were very astute! I hope the police are asking the same questions – or at least read his comments! I hope and pray that the whole world is NEVER inured to this sort of horrific story – we need to be about the business of caring for one another – all our fellow travelers on this spaceship called Earth, but I fear I live in a fool’s paradise!

    BTW, my only reservations about Niels’ comment have to do with the reference to “Gugs” in comment #1: what does it matter the color/race of any lawless community? They are everywhere around the world, and thugs know no race or color. My comment is not targeted at Niels as a white South African, but at all people everywhere. We need to have our antennae up no matter where we go, because the world is tragically becoming a more and more dangerous place. Important not to restrict ones sensibilities and judgment to any particular area. It pays to be wise and wide awake. . .. . .

    1. niels says:

      Hi Paula
      I don’t know if I understand your comment completely. If I do, I assume that you think I am suggesting that Gug is only unsafe if you are white. Nothing of the sort. I know Gugs (Gugulethu) is dangerous because I made the mistake of going there after dark and immediately someone tried to make trouble for me. Luckily for me, there was a kindly stranger who came to my aid. It ended harmlessly.


      1. theonlycin says:

        Niels is right, Paula, this is definitely not a race-related crime.

      2. Absolutely! So sorry – my sleep-deprived brain made my comment very muddy – even I don’t understand it, now that I read it again! Suffice it to say – the world can be a dangerous place – wherever you are! I should know better than to make serious comments when my mind is not engaged. Note to self: Make sure mind gears are engaged before putting keyboard into motion. Or something like that!

        Thanks, Niels, for the clarification – I do apologize for my blundering comment. I meant well – at least I think I did – at this point, who knows? 😀

      3. nrhatch says:

        Is the world a MORE DANGEROUS place? Or are we just more aware of the DANGER?

        Not long ago, we couldn’t safely travel from point A to point B without fear of being ambushed. Now, most of our roads and byways are safe.

        But news reports FAN the FEAR we FEEL. Why?

        Because those in power benefit when those they govern focus on FEAR of violence rather than demanding a long overdue change of the status quo.

      4. theonlycin says:

        Very interesting comment, Nancy, especially as our own government officials won’t go into Gugs without a police convoy …

      5. nrhatch says:

        I don’t mean that the Gugs is “safe” ~ especially at night, on Saturday, when alcohol is flowing.

        This whole story sounds ludicrous and fishy. And the police should look at the husband as suspect #1 given the breezing beach, the photo album, etc.

        I was responding to Paula who said, ” We need to have our antennae up no matter where we go, because the world is tragically becoming a more and more dangerous place.”

        Maybe it is. Or maybe the danger is just more front and center in our minds because it’s all we see on TV.

      6. theonlycin says:

        The South African Institute of Race Relations has accused the police of being “out of touch with reality” for expressing shock about the murder of British tourist Anni Dewani, who was abducted in Gugulethu at the weekend. The institute said on Tuesday that more than 700 people have been murdered in Gugulethu since 2005. In the year to March, about 110 murders occurred in the Gugulethu police precinct. This amounted to one murder every two-and-a-half days for five successive years. “How, under such circumstances can the police claim to be ‘shocked’ or surprised at what happened to the British couple?” the statement from the institute read. SA has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the world, with an average of 46 murders a day. The majority take place in the townships, but do not attract the international media and SA politicians’ attention, as Ms Dewani’s did this week. Ms Dewani was murdered on her honeymoon during a suspected hijacking in Gugulethu. Her husband, Shrien, was dumped unharmed. She was found dead in the abandoned vehicle hours later. Institute of Race Relations deputy CE Frans Cronje said data collected by his organisation showed that poorer urban areas suffer from higher levels of violent crime than wealthier areas, which have turned to private security services in the absence of effective policing by the state. Mr Cronje said it is revealing that it took the murder of a foreign national for the police’s senior management to take stock of the state of affairs in Gugulethu. “It is obviously important that the police deal with the murder as it also affects SA’s international reputation, but then what do we say about people living in Gugulethu?” Mr Cronje asked. He said there is a broader problem and “definitely a class issue. For many poor South Africans, who cannot afford the services of private security companies, the South African Police Service remains their primary resource in creating a safe and secure environment.” Mr Cronje said while he acknowledges that murder levels in SA have come down significantly since 1994, the South African Police Service still suffers from significant skills shortages, poor morale, high levels of corruption, lax discipline, and violent behaviour by many officers.”

      7. nrhatch says:

        Doesn’t sound like the place I would take my new “bride” on our honeymoon.

        How big a life insurance policy did he have on her life?

  6. No wonder the lime pickle was horrible – anything that looks like that would have to taste accordingly! Yuck! I am totally agog at such an item appearing in YOUR kitchen! 😀

    1. theonlycin says:

      Isn’t it just a horrid looking thing?

      1. Is it supposed to be/taste sort of like lime or citrus marmalade, only unsliced/unchopped? Or does it have a tart/salty/pickly taste? I still say “Yuck!”

      2. theonlycin says:

        I will have to sleep on that and pretend I am a copywriter who has to sell the stuff, Paula. It is neither marmalade nor pickle, heaven knows. Let me have a bash at it, be patient, will you?

      3. Patient? Me? Are you kidding?

    2. adeeyoyo says:

      Is it me, or does it not look like a green slimy frog?

  7. halfp1nt says:

    There is something very fishy about the whole case.

  8. deepercolors says:

    Does sound fishy. Hope the truth comes out.
    Lime pickles? Never heard of them. Limes? Pickled sections? Whole? I assume they’re peeled. I love limes and I like pickles (and cheese and crackers :-] ) But this descriptions sounds like I should just stick with the separate items. Fresh limes and [cucumber] pickles.

    1. theonlycin says:

      The murder is very odd.
      And the limes, whole pickled quarters, more so …

  9. granny1947 says:

    Hi Love…I hear someone has been arrested.
    Strange people walking on the beach in a howling South Easter.
    Not my idea of fun.
    I made an amazing Kudu and kidney pie last night.
    And I forgot to blog about it!!!

    1. theonlycin says:

      The pie needs a blog post!!!

  10. gospelwriter says:

    Something smells fishy (and it’s not the lime)…

  11. Those stories where there is more than meets they eye, you can spot them a mile away. I guess we need to watch this space…

    1. theonlycin says:

      Hope there is not enough money to make the story disappear, as has happened before.

  12. souldipper says:

    Putting such an array of facts in front such a witticism of writers is inviting endless imagination and commentary – Cin and Niels! I have said a prayer for the murdered bride’s soul – ascended for whatever reason – and would rather write the story I have conjured than speculate my baby away! 🙂

    1. theonlycin says:

      Good point, souldipper 🙂

  13. Lyndatjie says:

    Apart from the fact that she was shot THREE times while he walked away without being harmed – there is also the bitter pill for me to swallow that so much public outcry is given for the “murder” of a Tourist while an elderly couple up country was tortured and murdered on the same day with NObody even batting an eyelid. So what is the implication? Tourists are more important than our own citizens? I’m too angry to even blog about this.

    1. theonlycin says:

      It is very cross-making Lynda 😦

  14. Pickeled lime? eeuw!
    I agree with Niels, the “reported” testimony from the husband makes no sense. And to go into gugs at night, plain crazy. the wind was blowing hard enough that night to sand blast the skin off one’s legs stupid enough to walk on the beach.

    1. theonlycin says:

      Is there any comment from the retaurant staff in SW where they ate?

  15. Tandy says:

    The minute I heard this I knew something was OFF. I cannot put my finger on it, but who in their right mind goes to an unsafe area at night. I would never enter Brixton in LDN at night time, or hang around some parts of Rome so why on earth would these people go somewhere ‘real’. The wind was blowing on Saturday night something fierce – and still is 😦

    1. theonlycin says:

      And what relevance is this latest business about the car having false number plates?

  16. Greg says:

    Had a chat about this with my hospitality business management students yesterday, and the general consensus is much the same as has been expressed already – something just doesn’t sound right about the story at all. Far too many little inconsistencies and oddities.

    Two thoughts that did come up in the conversation – which I hasten to add are pure speculation and heavily tainted by the cynicism of a doubting mind – were related to questions around forced marriages and honour killings, and a suggestion that the police need to establish if the husband is a major beneficiary of a major payout against a life insurance premium taken out on his new wife’s life.

    Regardless, no-one deserves to die in such horrific circumstances so far away from home, and our thoughts are with the families. And also, as Lyndatjie points out, there is still a lot of disgraceful, violent, senseless crime in our country – a thought for other victims needs to be spared as well.

    Oh, and the lime pickle looks like it needs to be returned to the compost heap at the bottom of the garden. Just saying.

    1. theonlycin says:

      Yes, the pickle is a scary thing!

  17. Naomi says:

    Sjoe, can only shake my head with nothing enlightening to add about this horrible scenario.

    Further to Greg’s comment, though, the pickle looks so frog-like that it might hop to the bottom of the garden 🙂

    1. theonlycin says:

      It’s gone … croaking in protest 😉

  18. I didn’t see this in the news. What a tragedy.

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