This is a dish that far from qualifies for Tandy’s 5-ingredient pasta challenge (I didn’t count, but I reckon there are more than 20 ingredients); and it’s by no means a quick dish to make, but I love it and find the process very satisfying. 

Besides, my husband and step-daughter set off on the long drive to Cape  Town this morning and I am always restless when my family are travelling.  I couldn’t concentrate on my work, so a long session with Wall-E in my kitchen was just the thing to take my mind off worries.

I cheat and use store-bought cannelloni tubes, but I’ve yet to receive a complaint from anybody; it’s one of those which never yield leftovers.

The recipe is from Jamie Oliver’s book ‘Jamie’s Dinners’, and can be found on his website:

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  1. yum. I use those tubes too – but I fill half of them with cooked butternet and sage, the other half with my bolognese meat filling – alternate each tube, make two layers, cover with some homemade marinara sauce, then bechamel, mozzarella and a little parmesan. Bake and eat. Get fat, but be very happy. 🙂

  2. Recipe looks great, and I have a yen to do some actual cooking, now that the anniversary party dust has settled where it will – there is just one problem: do you, or does anyone out there have a recipe that can prepared while one hand is “tied behind your back?” I’d like to cook, but, in my present state, success would definitely be iffy. . .ideas, anyone?

  3. I too find cooking is always therapeutic and this recipe looks like a must try for me! My only stress though is deciding which night to make it for dinner! I hope your fears were for naught and that your family arrived home safely!

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