Chicago, Santana, Ella’s At Last, dancing on a deck, braai fires, Albert Camus, Bonjour Trieste, kitchen table visits, sea sand stuck to my leg, do you want to muck about?, I’ve never bought anyone a diamond before, Hell! Do you wish That winter were over That driveways didn’t have such deep humps that scratch your car That thong sandals fitted rather than have the heel hang out and flip sand into your jocks That gnats were sweet and made of Eyegene That computers were perceptive and knew the time not to play around That cats and dogs were actually allies  …

God!  Who else would understand me like you do?



  1. A great portrait – Alan looking well dapper and full of the joys of life as a young man in his early 30’s!

    Please pass him our very best birthday wishes as well.

  2. My [maternal] aunt said we were English, Irish (I suspect Scotch-Irish myself) with a little French and a drop of Holland Dutch. that encompasses a lot I guess. That’s shte side of my family tree your guy looks like.
    My other half f=of the old tree is something Mediterranean, although there must have been a blue-eyed grandparent at least somewhere.

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