He runs;
early enough to hear the imam’s call
high in the mosque’s minaret.

Feet pounding tar,
he passes catholic schoolgirls
getting off a bus
outside the convent.

His breath steaming,
he trots by pious men with earlocks
walking slowly, in pairs
to the Chester road synagogue.

He thinks of tolerance,
then gives it up
to contemplate toast.



  1. Wasn’t philosophy the talk on the cereal box? And Religion was the smile on a dog?

    Either way, pass the toast please. More is needed. And if you could brew a coffee while you’re up, that would be great too. Thanks.


  2. …gives up (thinking of) tolerance to think of toast. Abstract concepts never do sit well on an empty stomach. And wow, what a hodgepodge of religious edifices to pass in a single run!

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