Nancy and Rik seem to think so.

I think Lulubelle would be very insulted …



40 thoughts on “TWINS?

  1. Sorry, she (re my comment on previous blog) – I’d forgotten her name, which is a dead giveaway. Personally, I prefer Lulubelle’s looks – or is it just that I know I’ll never have to question her integrity? 😉

  2. I think it is an incredible resemblance … one remembers Prince of Tides and maybe Princess Lulubelle should not feel so bad

  3. I think thay’re both lovely in their own way – what they have in common is PRESENCE, and experience in all the folds of their skin.

    Do you remember, in Prince of Tides, when that foul violinist tries to shame him by playing “Dixieland” at that swish Manhattan soiree? And Nick Nolte’s character just smiles and says: “That Mozart – he sure cranked out some snappy toons….”

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