One of my friends was set upon by a blog troll yesterday and I was driven to much introspection overnight on the dynamic of this cyber society we inhabit.

“… the Internet relies solely on words. Words – in my opinion-which can be manipulated and misinterpreted to suit our own agenda …

One could also argue that by stripping interaction to its bare minimum – words- one is able to effectively strip communication down to its purest , lest judgemental form. The Internet allows use to converse in earnest without the hindrance of visual stimuli to distort meaning and assign all manner of preconceived ideas and characteristics on the messenger.” Lulu Vegas – Letterdash blogger

“I once thought that the emphatic nature of words ensured truth.

If I could find the right words, then with the proper will I could by assertion write all that was true.  I have since learned that words are only as valid as the mind that chooses them, so that of essence all prose is a form of deception.  To choose too carefully is to become pedantic, closing the imagination to wider visions, yet to err the other way is to invite anarchy into one’s mind.  If I am to reveal myself then I prefer to do so by my choices, rather than by my accidents.  Some might say that such accidents are the product of an unconscious mind, and thus inherently interesting, but as I write this I am warned by what is to follow.

Much is unclear.

At this outset I need that tedious quality of pedanticism.  I have to choose my words with care.  I want to be sure.” Christopher Priest – The Affirmation

And a little footnote, my further thoughts on internet communications and – more specifically – blogging:

Let’s look for a minute at a snapshot of a garden;

Tall, strong and deep-rooted trees, sturdy little shrubs, frivolous and pretty flowers.

Insidious alien invaders, deadly nightshades and indefatigable creepers.

Slugs and spiders, and snakes in the grass …


Me?  I hope that I am a tree, standing a little aside.  My roots unencumbered by weeds, or mildew or rot.  Perhaps a passerby will choose to pick a piece of fruit.  Or not.

It’s taken me a while to get to the point of this post, but I guess what I want to say in answer to the question of Internet communications is, to paraphrase Mister Shakespeare; ‘to thine own self be sincere’

Don’t pander and toady.

And, above all, have fun.



  1. This is an extremely well written post.

    You take a few well thought out turns to arrive at a sensible conclusion.

    I agree, we should just have fun amongst other things.

    I’ve written extensively about trolls and to a degree they can only “survive” online by leeching off other’s words and thriving on reaction.
    By themselves they are incapable of actually creating something new and worthy of attention.

    Once we realize that they are harmless.

  2. that is full of such good stuff, i need to revisit it.

    i think the essence is be true to yourself. (or at least for me)

    what about those people who are trying out some new persona they would like to be? how does that fit in?

    Oh damn! life is so complicated

  3. Yes respect. And as one gets to know other bloggers you know who you can banter with or not (mostly) and if you offend – be gracious enough to apologize. but those irritating little buzzers that just like to cause kak are beyond me!

  4. Just so sad that this still happens on a regular basis…being true to one’s self and to others sharing space here…how hard can it be?…I am blown away about this written work of yours Cindy…well said my dearest friend. Love you lots xxx

  5. Excellent, Cin! And as I have said in earlier posts – it is an issue of hermeneutics. Because, no matter what we write, how one reads and interprets the written word is totally subjective, and never the same from one person to the next. It makes all writers and readers multi-lingual!

  6. Excellent post, Cindy. Bottom line is respect. I am not sure why people go off on others in blogosphere, a spirit of meaness and power hungry, perhaps? At any rate, it is just plain wrong. As mother says, If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all!

  7. The internet is just another page to be written upon…and like all pages the reader needs think about what they have read and judge it with the mind’s eye….enjoyed your post.

  8. Some “trolls” really are trolling about with the sole intent of upsetting the apple carts of others.

    But . . . sometimes people apply the label “troll” in haste to justify their decision to remain close-minded rather than engaging in actual discourse with someone of divergent views.

    And, Cin, you are indeed a tall stately tree full of fruit . . . except, on occasion, when you choose to be a pretty flower (wearing red shoes) instead. 🙂

    • In this instance, Nancy, I use the word to describe people who do not have a blog of their own, but have a profile for the sole purpose of hurling abuse at bloggers; abuse like insults, pornographic comment and the like.

      And why thank you for the tree/ flower comment, likewise Ma’am 🙂

    • One reason I love WordPress is that it does a good job of trapping spam in its filter. Most of the pornographic and abusive comments never see the light of day.

      When in doubt, I go check the blog in question to see if the blogger is “for real.” I did that yesterday after my Blog Hole post because someone made a rather nasty observation about Lewis Carroll. When I got to his blog, I found 3 articles, none of them very good, and decided to TRASH his comment rather than post it.

  9. Thank you for this well-considered post. I think every now and then of the downside of posting freely – but, I’m no longer that person who remains mute for fear of being misunderstood or taken advantage of.

    Me? I hope that I am a tree, standing a little aside. My roots unencumbered by weeds, or mildew or rot. Perhaps a passerby will choose to pick a piece of fruit. Or not.

    That’s how I think of you – and of myself, as well.

  10. If you give somebody power – they become powerful. The same applies to words. If your words speak to us then we will feel the impact of it in our hearts and mind. If we allow trolls to “speak” to us in the same way then we need to look at why we allow it. Now where is a good flyswatter when you need it.

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