I’ve seen it a million times and failed to explain it in words; that air of tired bliss that follows a special occasion.  I think the term the young set use is “Are you feeling the LOVE?”

It is in the air on the mornings following weddings, school farewell dances, milestone birthday parties … It was the tangible mood in the dining room of the Marion on Nicol this morning, when I joined the breakfast after-party of Eric Way’s epic celebration.

Friends and family from around the world, people who had been significant forces in his life at various times, had joined together in revelry and were preparing to part again; but first one last repast …

After recovering from my disgust that everyone looked so fresh and beautiful after the late night, I focused my own bleary eyes on the menu and chose a mushroom omelette. 

The PR lady across from me had eggs Florentine, of which I was rather envious.

We moved our full bellies and coffee cups onto the veranda, where cakes were being set out for tea.  My senses simply couldn’t bear another smidgeon of stimulation and I fled, before I had the chance to ask the chef about last night’s crab cakes…



  1. I think I HAVE to make a cake or pudding of some sort – your posts have given me such a craaaa-ving for something really sweet, but now it has to have at least a blob of cream as well! *goes off to the shop to buy cream*

  2. My theory on those people who look so fresh in the morning is based upon something called clones…two different people playing the same role..of course as I said this is just a theory..I am open to other explanations. 🙂

  3. Well, I don’t know where I’ve been (well, yes I do so don’t start a rumor), but I’ve just discovered this post before bedtime again. I actually came from a gathering where the cake was attempting to look like the one in your photos with pansies. There were some half cherries added to the mix which could have stayed in the jar. But the sliver I was begged into (a slight exaggeration) was delicious.

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