Pic: Neil Tandy


Last night I attended a birthday party for celebrity dress designer, Eric Way, and watched the rich and famous at play.  As a member of the press contingent, I was totally invisible to these people and could happily observe them with unabashed curiosity.


The theme for the party was ‘Thirties Glamour’ and the venue was my longtime client, The Marion on Nicol Boutique Hotel; that orchard-strewn haven of unsurpassed luxury, where every nook and cranny contains rare artworks and beautiful pieces of bespoke furniture.

I can’t say too much about the event here; I would scoop myself and negate the purpose of my assignment.  But this is my blog, so I can give snippets of the night, like the fire jugglers, magicians and shirtless muscle-men … and the 40 diamonds the birthday boy gave away to random guests.

While the photographer dashed about snapping the celebs, I was free to quaff and nibble; and take photos of the decor and bubbly, which was plentiful and supplied by Pongracz and Ross & Gower. 


Towers of food stood about and I ate a crab cake that I must ask the chef about when I go to a breakfast meeting later today.  The elves were evidently at play, because these heaps of food were constantly replenished. 


A display of 200 cupcakes was impressive and almost too pretty to touch, but that didn’t stop me from pinching one as I left in the wee hours; I placed it by my daughter’s bedside before sinking into an exhausted sleep.


38 thoughts on “A VERY STARRY NIGHT

  1. Love that sugar too :):):):…Amazing art face…I am a very very happy girl tonight…give her extra hugs from me and I will write in the morning 🙂 Awesome girl you have given life too Cin…just wonderful :):):):

  2. Sounds like some birthday bash! Almost makes me wish I were among the rich and famous… Nah, I do enjoy my relative anonymity. But oh wow, the food, the – yeah, as somebody said, the eye candy. Look forward to hearing more.

  3. Well once you finish the whole write up I shall be most interested in reading as I’m certain we all will want to…so do keep us posted on its release and publication…looks like quite the party. 😉

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