It had been going on for almost a year.  My desktop telephone was dicky; none of the numbers on the right-hand side of the dial pad worked, so I couldn’t phone anyone who had a 3, 6 or 9 in their number.  This presented a bit of bother when my cellphone battery was flat.  I kept making mental notes to go to Telkom and get a replacement …

My child took it upon herself to fix the matter and proudly presented me with a gift-wrapped package last week; she’d been out spending her pocket money and had decided to buy her mother a gift.

My new phone has allowed me to catch up with all my 3-6-9 friends, but I feel really absurd and can only hope that nobody ever catches a glimpse of me through my office window …


44 thoughts on “CHIPS IN MY EAR

  1. Bwahahaahhaa!! Brilliant

    Creative and quite funny! I’m formulating tons of “chip” puns here!

    I’m dipping into the creative juices here. But alas, today the brain seems fried!

  2. I was going to do “chip off the old block” but I see that it’s already used. So how about…

    A chip in the ear is worth two on the waist.
    From her chips to your lips.
    Rather a chip in the ear than a chip on the shoulder.

    ? 🙂

  3. Lucky you! That girl is something else! – love her to bits and I don’t even know her… Can’t imagine those chips are in any danger of being eaten – they don’t look anywhere near as appetizing as the sweet potato ones you pictured the other day. 😉

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