We forgot to have supper on Sunday night.  No, I am not the image of a bad wife and mother that sentence conjures up.  I was in and out of the kitchen, baking, for much of the day; while watching videos (The Hurt Locker; a deeply disturbing commentary on the futility of war, and The Time Traveler’s Wife; a totally silly film).  Out of my oven came spinach, onion and pecorino tarts.  These were followed by paprika cheese straws, vanilla sugar pigs’ ears, pistachio fudge squares … all things intended for the lunchboxes for the coming week, but nibbled on until everyone was full.  And so the steaks I’d put in marinade were placed in the fridge and presented the perfect playmate for sweet potato chips and Amanda’s recipe of brinjal spread.

The hearty undertones of coriander and ginger in the marinade could find no better match than my current paramour, First Sighting Shiraz. 

“A full-bodied wine with rich and lingering pepper, mocha and chocolate aromas and layered with vibrant red berry fruit flavours. Concentrated and complex, backed by well-integrated oak. Enjoy with food dishes such as roast beef, duck and venison.”


First Sighting Shiraz Accolades

  • 2007: Top South African Shiraz: SA Terroir Wine Awards 
  • 2007: Four stars: Platters Wine Guide 2010
  • 2007: Bronze Medal: Old Mutual Trophy
  • 2006: Silver Medal: Michelangelo Awards 
  • 2006: Selected for South African Airways Business Class 
  • 2006: Seal of Approval: Swiss Airlines Wine Awards 
  • 2006: Bronze Medal: Old Mutual Trophy 


The meal ended with my husband giving a contented burp, which I understand to be a very great compliment about the food.



  1. Fudge Squares? By Courier? sez this sugar addict!

    Cin, I am not receiving my email notices for new posts – except for yours. Very strange. Do I remember you experiencing this strange void? Missing everyone!

    • Yes, it seems the email notification system is seriously on the fritz 😦
      Nancy wrote to the admin people, but I don’t think they have responded.

      *goes off to investigate the quarrantine laws pertaining to fudge postage …*

  2. You are such a darling…no wonder I loved you from the minute I found you…OMG…can’t wait for us to enjoy all of this together girlfriend!! You are a classy special Lady Cindy…I am so fortunate to have you as a friend!!!! Love always xxx

  3. Eveything sounds delicious that was made in the kitchen.Curious to know what are vanilla sugar pigs ears?
    Nothing like a glass (bottle) of shiraz to end the weekend and start the next! Yvette x

  4. paprika cheese straws, vanilla sugar pigs’ ears, pistachio fudge squares for the lunchboxes….Long gone are the days of peanut butter and jam it seems. Colour me jealous.
    P.S. Time Travelers Wife as a movie – awful. As a book, top notch, an epic read.

  5. Besides the email notices, I am experiencing on/off moderation issues with regular commenters…

    Everyone I know in South Africa always had peanut butter and syrup. I thought it was only the Americans who had peanut butter with jam (which they call jelly) – don’t know about the British…

  6. You are the domestic goddess! I am very impressed.
    We watched The Hurt Locker a few weeks ago – it was one of the most disturbing movies I have seen – the reality of war, without the “Full Metal Jacket” crap attached. Great movie, but not a feel good movie at all!

  7. It is indeed a goodly wine, amazing how well the sauvignon blancs and shiraz’s are turning out from Elim and its sea breezes. Lands End sauvignon blanc one of my absolute fave whites.

  8. You point out one of the problems I have when preparing for a dinner party…the snacking that occurs…by the time the guest arrive I’m really not all that hungry for some reason. 😉 What you’ve been preparing sound just wonderful…must look for some of your wines here. 😉

  9. The spinach tarts sound delish!
    I’m embarrassed to admit my Giant Rat will literally pick up his plate and lick it clean when he’s enjoyed a meal! Thankfully he only does it at home, but he takes immense joy in pretending he’s about to do it at restaurants and friends 🙂
    Peanut butter and cucumber sandwiches are divine – the coolness and moisture of the cucumber breaks the dryness of the peanut butter.

  10. That’s it, I’m going to borrow you and make you cook decadent food for me, and maybe the family. You’re an inspiration to us all. I tried cooking lentils the other day, nothing fancy, just boiled in chicken stock but I don’t think I did it long enough. They ended up tougher than I’d like and the kids wouldn’t touch them. Thank heavens they’re cheap. Willing to try again.

    • We get tinned lentils here, ready cooked and preserved in brine. They are perfectly good for us and lose absolutely no nutritional value in the canning process. Perhaps you could look out for them at your grocer?

  11. I had one of those – husbands, I mean, who burped after good food… it’s okay, isn’t it?

    I thought The Time Travelers’ Wife was time lost. Thumbs down times two. Didn’t think I could handle Hurt Locker. Bypassed it.

    So, off to raid the fridge now that you’ve got me salavating …

  12. Oooh, I would love for you to make me dinner! I just drool whenever I read what you’ve been cooking. Your Sunday sounded just wonderful. Good for you.

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