South Africa celebrated National Braai Day yesterday.  I was disappointed that there was no initiative to encourage the nation to burn alien vegetation and so to preserve our indigenous trees, my personal choice was my trusty gas griller. 

Ours was a low-key affair, the household members had things to do and places to go; the children chose to have lunch in the pool, the men munched intermittently around the snooker table.


My sauce stole the show, thank you Tandy.

(I added cream and green peppercorns from my precious little bottle that came to me all the way from Madagascar.)

I was especially homesick for my hometown, but the eponymous wine went some way to soothing my longing.


Today lies ahead, with no commitments; I think a trip to the Good Food & Wine Expo is a good idea …

39 thoughts on “NATIONAL BRAAI DAY

  1. There was no point to braaing in the Halfy household yesterday with my Giant Rat not here. I tend to be a wee bit of a pyromaniac, and with the winds in Durban yesterday, I may have ended up setting fire to the house instead!

    Enjoy the Good Food and Wine Expo; it sounds like a marvelous idea 🙂

  2. I had to look up braai day … I thought maybe like our July 4th (Independence Day) – but that would be May 31 there??? … so it’s only like the 4th in terms of food and is a cultural holiday. Interesting. And had to look up “snooker table” – something like billards … and aparently there’s an American form. Wow! Learn something new every day.

    Thanks, Cindy … the bbq has me salivating. Sauce looks yum!

  3. Hmmm – wood in S. Africa. That would be a concern. I remember the Park Guides showing us how elephants decimate trees. At my home, though we are constantly keeping nature from encroaching, we are very vigilant about tree cutting. My winter wood is a tree that fell during a major wind storm. Amongst the cedars, I have a grand old Yew and an ornamental cherry in my yard.

      • The needles have the scent, Cin, but it’s when the tree is cut that the true bouquet is released.

        I was in Havana, Cuba a few years ago. The cigar factory has a room specially built for people to go and test all these fine cigars. All around the room, there are photos of Castro with various dignitaries and heads of state from all over the world – smoking all these cigars. Suddenly I noticed there was NO smell of cigar smoke. None. There was no fan, no air currents. Then I saw…the entire room was encased in Cedar. The furnishings were all cedar. I was amazed.

        My house has cedar siding. Let’s hope this does something for the freshness in my house! 🙂

      • I’d love to smell that room 🙂

        At our local flea market you can buy cedar chips for you laundry drawers; 10 chips (about 1cm x 3cm) for about US$12!

      • We had a walk-in cedar closet in NJ (size of a small bathroom) for storing woolens, linens etc.

        Great to keep the moths away.

        And we used to buy big bags of cedar chips for the doghouse. Our Great Danes always smelled like gerbils. 8)

  4. NO Braai day for us either with Maddad away up north and sons busy elsewhere. Dort not helpful being a veggie. 🙂
    Enjoy the show – might pop in as the veggie is nagging to go.

  5. Seeing those photos of delicious grilled meat (sorry, Nancy!) reminds me of something my Dad did for a large party one day many, many years ago (I was 14 yrs. old, I think). He purchased two whole tenderloins of beef – must have been a total of 20 lbs, or more (guess he felt rich that day!). He marinated them in a sauce that he concocted on the spot – he never had a recipe for those barbeque sauces – and then slow roasted them in a covered smoker grill. I

    I can remember to this day the taste of that meat. It quite literally melted in your mouth. It still was a bit rare in the center, and each slice could be cut with the edge of your fork. So, thanks for dredging up that memory!

    My salivary glands are in fine working order…wish I could satisfy them with more than the memory of that meal, but the memory does have fewer calories!

  6. You are welcome! I am making a green peppercorn sauce to go with the supper I am cooking for JustMe tonight. Hope you enjoy the show, I nearly came up for it 🙂

  7. There’s nothing like a good sauce to elevate things, is there? I am envious, and must stop by Tandy’s site to pick up the recipe. No peppercorns from Madagascar for me, though….
    Enjoy the food expo. I imagine that must mean a lot of sampling. They always have to roll me home from that kind of event.

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