There is something very right about roast chicken on a Monday night; it is comfortingly reassuring after the anti-climactic return to work following a wild weekend. It also provides ready sandwich filling for Tuesday’s lunch, or – in my case – the inspiration for Tandy’s Take 5 Tuesday Pasta dish.

Monday afternoons are hectic in this household; The Bunn’s ballet lesson is at the awkward time of 5.15 to 6.15, and – by the time we get home – everyone is starving and wants to be fed immediately. This is where a roast chicken becomes perfect, I stick it in the oven (180 degrees C) at 4.30 and let it do its thing, with a salad cooling in the fridge; ready for the table.

My crowd love lentils and could eat them with every meal.  Tandy had issued a challenge for the week to make something savoury using chilli, so I made a stuffing for my bird using lentils, chopped green & red chillies, chopped onion, coriander, garlic and ginger.  If you’re going to try this, don’t forget to close the flaps over the filling to make sure it doesn’t topple out during cooking.




  1. Roast chicken is so versatile! If I have a big enough one, the leftovers are used for chicken and mushroom pie, or curried chicken, etc. That’s why, if they are on the small side I like to buy two and cook them at the same time, then one goes into the freezer for another day.

  2. I am never reading your blog late at night again. That looks like a a dream! I got SO hungry reading this that I made some lentil soup in the hopes that it would sate my cravings.

    It did not.

  3. I am for sure going to try this Cindy, never tried it like this…looks just so yummy, have to say your foodies are the best…love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing this one…a must on my menu!! Have a good day my friend…xxxx

  4. We love lentils too. Have them at least once a week, mostly Lebanese style with rice, spices, and yogurt. This is clever, almost like stuff chicken with a pilaf … and some much nicer and healthier than the trite bread stuffing.

    Kudos and thanks for another good one …

  5. I tried to respond to this last night but my comment got eaten somehow – it was late anyway…

    It does look so delicious, even more so today, now that I’m less tired and have a whole day of eating to at least consider. 😉

    I too love lentils.

  6. Ohhhhhhh, that is deeply inspiring, Cindy. I love lentils and the combination of the ginger and chilli must be mouth watering. And sandwiches the next day – how much better can it get?

    I never stuff anything, but I’m going to start. Right this Monday.

  7. Looks TOO DELICIOUS!! I love lentils, but never bother to make stuffing…partly because we’re hooked on Woolies’ ready-roasted chickens – shameful to a chef, I’m sure!!

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