I’m swimming

just beneath the surface

of my dream;

not fighting,

letting the current

carry me,

like fronds

of some pliant plant.

Bluegreen light;

far above


with a faint murmur:

I drift …

And now:


a heartbeat


A ticking clock;

A shrill alarm.

I’m going to be late for her lesson!


33 thoughts on “DREAM WARP: HEARTBEAT

  1. This is lovely, Cindy. It reminds me of an ‘awake dream’ I once had when meditating (lol, nearly said medicating!).

    My doc told me to take cranberry juice in capsule form and I bought Dischem Gold softgel capsules which can be used as treatment or preventative meds. Only the dose differs. Maybe this will sort things out. They worked for me, but the symptoms were just beginning.

  2. As I was reading you gave the sense of flowing with you words…and then the sudden surfacing to real time…alas I hate it when my best dreams end before they’ve finished telling the full story.

  3. You really had me there, Cindy! heheh
    How nicely we are drifting in there….only to be rudely awakened! Grrr!!!

    Really enjoyed this one.. can soooo relate to it! 🙂

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