Before dawn.

Soft, dewy grass beneath my back,

my friend The Moon is obliterated

by an airplane coming in to land.

Where have these travelers been

I wonder.

I yearn to travel again.

To marvel at other cultures, to taste foreign foods and take photographs of ancient buildings.

Oh how sad, I regret that it will probably never happen again.

Je ne peuvent que rΓͺver de lointain rives.




38 thoughts on “TRAVEL DREAMS

  1. Sounds like someone else enjoys star gazing,,,Also Exhilaration!!! We used to park next to the fence @ Atlanta – Hartsfield airport and lay on the hood waiting for the next 747 to take off, or land at what seemed arms reach above our crazed teen age faces…but, that was eons ago…We didn’t really care where they were going, or where they were coming from…just thankful that they made it.
    God Bless you

  2. I cannot agree more with what Charles said my dear friend, and you have to know that Australia and me awaits you with open arms…nothing will bring me more joy!!!! There is a quote that struck me a couple of years ago by Steve Brunkhorst, it says :- Look ahead; envision the beautiful blessings waiting on your distant shores. If you follow your personal stepping-stones with joy, love, faith and gratitude, the swiftest currents will not impede your journey. – I love you girlfriend xxx

  3. Love your poetry above, where would we be without our dreams?

    As for traveling, I’m totally with Charles & Amanda &… Don’t look at me, though, s’pretty difficult to even get me off my island – my family will attest to that. πŸ˜‰

  4. Et pourquoi pas un autre voyage sur des rives lointaines ? Why not another journey… Never give up your dreams, Cindy. We all think of faraway shores. I do too as I follow the white trace of a plane in the sky. A lovely poem with many inspiring images.

  5. Oh, I miss travelling too…but the world is our oyster still…despite other distractions in our life. We just have to keep hold of those dreams. I think that reminds me, I’m gonna go write a bucket list….haha πŸ™‚ xx

  6. This is something that keeps me motivated!! Travel! Aaah… how lovely it is! Seeing and appreciating all the goodies/cultures/art… tres bien!!!

    Nicely writ, Cin!!

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