Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream,

the urge to make dreams come true

and the tendency to miss lunch. 

Tim Berners-Lee



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  1. aardvarkian says:

    Berners-Lee tells it as it is. I think I’ll call for a take-out.

  2. justchef says:

    I am ravenous! Could easily have two plates of your lunch RIGHT NOW!

  3. klrs09 says:

    Good morning! Hope you are feeling all better. The fish looks delish — is it salmon?

  4. thysleroux says:

    That is so true, we are “digitizing” the time and allowing it to flow into the realms of cyberspace…
    001010100111001101101001011001110110100000101010 (*sigh*)

  5. adeeyoyo says:

    I agree, time flies unbelievably fash when I’m on the computer!

    1. theonlycin says:

      I’m sad that we’ve lost the timetables of old, when we had designated mealtimes and would sit down at a meal table to focus on the food.

  6. Tandy says:

    send some this way please

  7. halfp1nt says:

    That looks yummy 🙂
    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve skipped lunch as a result of being glued to the pc.

    1. theonlycin says:

      Yes, or sat there for hours at a time with a bowl of peanuts!

  8. do you think that computers fold time so we miss some of it

    1. theonlycin says:

      Fold or hold? I do think they sometimes tell us terrible lies 🙂

  9. slpmartin says:

    I haven’t had lunch since I’m going out to dinner and then on to some entertainment…but this almost made be go downstairs for a snack. Hope you have time for dinner tonight with family.

    1. theonlycin says:

      We had a lovely supper of braised lamb. I hope your evening went (is going?) very well.

  10. buttercup600 says:

    OMW…8.30am and I am officially starving!! What are you doing to me baby? Sending the love across the ocean…can you feel it? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. theonlycin says:

      Yes, I can 🙂
      Right back at you, Girl 😀

  11. valbrussell says:

    Yum. Lovely Salmon Cindy. I used to fish a lot when I was younger, salmon, trout, crabbing and clam digging and that fish in your photo looks delish. A fisherperson’s dream of a meal. As for the dreaming, mine have been supplanted by duty and plans, but I miss them dearly.

    1. theonlycin says:

      I’ve never caught a fish, Val, maybe one day …
      As for your dreams, please let them out to play again soon 🙂

  12. Jamie Dedes says:

    Oh my, yes. We’re not even really here … then suddenly Hunger!

    Post: short, sweet, to the point. Nice! 🙂

  13. Naomi says:


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