About three years ago, pork belly became the new ‘it’ ingredient of the foodie fashion parade.  Magazines, TV shows … pork belly was everywhere.  My family refused to have anything to do with it, my daughter disliked the word ‘belly’ and my husband won’t eat fat.  Still, I was curious and finally caved in.  I smothered mine in a mixture of soya sauce, ginger, garlic and honey, with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and slow roasted it for an hour.  Nobody had seconds, but my curiosity is satisfied.


With the meat, I served a cauliflower rosti; this to meet Tandy’s challenge to cook something using that vegetable this week, and herby roast potatoes.  Rosti: mashed steamed cauliflower, butter and parmesan cheese; smashed into a quiche tin and toasted under the grill.  Voila!


And so we face Friday; for me a day of keeping my head down and working hard.  Thankfully, my project is an entertaining one.

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears”

Anthony Robbins


18 thoughts on “BELLY UP

  1. I’ve been buying pork belly on and off for some time – the best part is copious amounts of crisp pork rind. My favourite deli sells roast stuffed pork belly which is delicious as a cold meat for a change too.

    • It went down like a lead balloon with my crowd, adde, so there’s lots of cold meat left over. Guess what will be on my sandwiches this weekend while they’re away camping 🙂

  2. I truly don’t mind pork belly but loveeeeeeee rosti!!! May I come over this weekend? We both had a hectic week (mine is not over yet) and having a Merlot together would be awesome. Love the Anthony Robbins quote so much!! So much truth in it 🙂 Sending you love my dear girlfriend!! oxoxox

  3. My lot LOVE pork belly. I spice the meat side with a braai spice and the rind side only gets loads of salt, into a hot oven and that’s it. Most of the fat cooks out and we’re left with juicy meat topped with the ever popular crackling. *copies cauliflower recipe*

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