I was very naughty this weekend and indulged in two complete days of relaxation, when I really should have set aside at least the mornings to work.  And so I start my week with very pressing deadlines on two projects, which means I must limit my blogging severely.  *wail*

A big thank you to my friends who gave me awards during the past week, I am quite overwhelmed and will think of a way to deal with these without spamming my readers, perhaps it is time to make a dedicated page for these, I am relatively new to WordPress and don’t quite understand the protocol yet.

In other news on the home front; Diski still hasn’t found her second ear muscle and continues to dart about like a lopsided bat-eared fox.  My ego is dented by a kitchen flop yesterday; lamb shanks (my never-fail party trick) emerged tough from the oven.  A humiliation made worse for the fact that our lunch guest is a chef.  I redeemed myself with the starter; a mandarin prawn salad.  (Wine: Boschendal Blanc de Noir.)

Blessings to everyone for a productive and happy week.


Thanks to those who nominated my blog for the Best Personal Blog.  My blog did not make it to the finals, but another blog that I write on made it to the list of finals in the Best Group Blog.

If you have the time, please go and vote for us here:

The link itself is :


A text link:

<a href=”; rel=”nofollow”></a>

The image link code:

<div align=”center”><a href=’; title=’Vote for this blog in the 2010 SA Blog Awards’ target=’_blank’ rel=”nofollow”><img src=’; border=’0′ align=’center’ alt=’Vote for this Blog’ /></a></div>



  1. I know i am SEVERLY handicapped in the technical dept of blogging – but i can’t seem to make your link work to vote for the Bla Bla Blog …. maybe add the badge Cin which you can do by visitng the SA Blog Award Site. Looove the salad recipe thanks!! xxx jan Have a great week!

  2. Which one, Cindy?











  3. Hi Cindy

    You’re a superstar legend human being. Just had to get that out there, in case you haven’t been told this recently.

    Thank you for punting The BlaBla Blogs’ finalist status and thank you all those that have managed to vote for us – it is a bit of process it seems…

    Not sure why the codes aren’t working in your post. It does look like there is a space in the link code (between the 2nd / and website). It should work if you drop that.

    Here it is again:

    And I also took the liberty of adding it as my URL in my comment name here.

    Happy days!

  4. Cin, I will swing over to vote for blah, blah…oops… Who would ever forget such a great name for a blog?

    I am relieved that I am not the only “newbie” questioning the protocol for the awards. To be honest, I am confused. I love the idea of recognition, etc, (of course!), but the time that the process takes from writing is a concern.

    I want to give and receive on a minimized and authentically given basis.

    Perhaps it would be wise to first find out the source and purpose of all of this, but I am struggling to preserve my writing time.

    Not sure how to manage it all and remain sensitive to one and all.

    Perhaps the dinner experience gave the chef an opportunity to display his/her grace, wit and empathy for one who s/he knows to be a star with her culinary talents.

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  6. No doubt that starter MORE than made up for the main 🙂 All the best with that hectic workload & THANKS for the heads up on the Bla Bla Blog…off to intitiate your daily vote!! Don’t get why this one isn’t in the finals, but GOOD LUCK on that one!!

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