My daughter had her RAD ballet exam yesterday afternoon (more about that in a future post), so I wanted to prepare our supper early, to be ready when we got home. I decided to do Tandy’s foodie challenge for this week, so that I could have my sauce ready and only have to boil the pasta before we ate.

Here’s her challenge:

Make a pasta dish using 5 ingredients. These 5 ingredients do not include the pasta, olive oil or seasoning but you have to use 5!

I used:

1 Onion
115g Tomato paste
500g Lean minced beef
½ tsp minced Chilli
Lots of Parmesan cheese

My seasoning was salt, pepper and dried oregano.

The farfalle pasta took 20 minutes to cook and, while not a frightfully exciting meal, it was comforting after a rather stressful day.

As was the well-deserved glass of Merlot!

31 thoughts on “TAKE 5 TANDY TUESDAY

  1. Morning *yawns*…Cindy… I love pasta, mince and LOTS of cheese, nice and filling and warming too – well it is pretty cool here this morning and you have made me aware that my tum is crying out for food! Have a great day!

  2. Had such a busy day too and might just do this….I am starving every single time I come here Cindy…looks very yummy and hope OB’s feeling so much better?…many hugs to you both xxx

      • I happened on your blog after checking out what souldipper has been up to. What a find! Synchronicity at it’s best! I just sent off an e to a friend getting her help with T shirts for a breast cancer survivor walk… white tees tie dyed a pale pink/coral with gold painted angel wings perhaps with some pretty white feathers! Also planning out the menu for a small gathering of close friends… a vegetarian pasta dish is what I will make and “roasted” bread. A Rachael Ray offering. A 5 item pasta? I would choose fresh tomatoes, olives, artichokes, feta and lots of garlic! You are a writer (lots of beautiful and thoughtful words) and I am an artist (lots of beautiful and thoughtful art!). Perhaps you would enjoy my blog also! Glad to have found you Cin from Diane

  3. My great aunt used to serve mince over smashed boiled potatoes.
    Or in Shepherd’s Pie with carrots and peas, covered with mashed tatties.

    Always a favorite comfort food in my pre-vegetarian days. ; )

  4. Yummm! That looks so good! It’s 11 PM here now and I think I will have to go in search of a snack after reading this post, of course, nothing I have in the cupboard will taste anywhere near as good as I am imagining this pasta dish did! 😉

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