As seen on gospelwriter’s blog:

1. Best advice
Hope is wasted, do it yourself.

2. Milestone birthday
Had a wedding, ignored the doubts.

3. Holiday traditions
Stepchildren will always cause a fight.

4. Memorable meal
It sure looked good, nobody ate.

5. Siblings
His wife thought I was strange.

6. Cheating death
But I’ll have a last cigarette.

7. Trip that changed life
I should have taken a plane.

8. What a child taught me
Tattoos are never a good idea.

8a. Most beautiful words of a child
Lie with me until I sleep.

9. Revenge is sweet
I saw on Facebook he’s bald.

10. Worst mistake
It’s just one cigarette, no habit.

Oh, and Diski discovered an ear muscle.

We’re hoping she finds the left-hand one soon.


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  1. Suddenly you’ve started me off trying to think of six word memoirs myself!!! Can’t think of anything else!!

    How about

    flat eared dog raises his game?

    Diski looks extremely cool:-)

    1. theonlycin says:

      Like the flat eared dog 🙂

      1. cool, flop eared dog?

      2. theonlycin says:

        Indicator on, turn right.

  2. Lyndatjie says:

    I have verbal diarrhea, so this is one challenge I won’t be taking part in. Diski is positively gorgeous!!!

    1. theonlycin says:

      She’s proving to be an extremely clever little dog Lyndatjie, unfortuantely that’s exposing Lulubelle’s not-so-cleverness ;p

  3. Rosemary says:

    This is my best – Revenge is sweet : I saw on Facebook he’s bald. Not only that, she got fat ! Have a great day.

    1. theonlycin says:

      LOL, she got fat is a great one 🙂

  4. souldipper says:

    Here I am swooning over Diski when I ought to either be in bed so I don’t sleep through breakfast and lunch or be preparing some sumptuous surprise for Harv’s morning munchies.

    Diski – L E F T, right? Oh darn, there goes the right one.

    1. theonlycin says:

      She’s too funny, souldipper, she looks like a lopsided bat 😀

  5. thysleroux says:

    Such a dry witty comment…
    “Oh, and Diski discovered an ear muscle.

    We’re hoping she finds the left-hand one soon.” hahahah

    1. theonlycin says:

      Poor thing, she doesn’t understand why we’re laughing at her 🙂

  6. Adeeyoyo says:

    I love big ears, but they can be a bit slower. I’m sure it will go up. He is beauuuutiful! You can see the intelligence in his eyes too!

      1. adeeyoyo says:

        Sorree Cindee! I know she’s a she, but I can’t seem to help referring to her as HE!

  7. Adeeyoyo says:

    … on dogs, lol!

  8. granny1947 says:

    Morning cindy…I feel the pain of the cigarettes!

    1. theonlycin says:

      We were both very silly.

  9. Kavita says:

    Laughed like CRAZY on 4,5,7 and 9!! Still laughing!!

    Good ones, Cin! This seems like a GREAT idea! I think I am gonna write this up myself… let’s see now…

    1. theonlycin says:

      Look forward to reading 🙂

  10. nzwakaduja says:

    This I’m definately gonna do.

    1. theonlycin says:

      Tell me when it’s posted?

  11. Smander says:

    Ohhh I miss my dog (he went to dog heaven). Diski is a cutey. I hear you with the cigarettes. I think I might give this a go…

    1. theonlycin says:

      Well, now yoou have that white cat of yours 🙂

  12. izziedarling says:

    Cin, Diski looks just like my Cooper! Ear and all – 🙂

    1. theonlycin says:

      Oh dear izzie, how old is Cooper? We’re hoping Diski grows into those ears, because at the moment it seems a high wind will make her take off into the sky!

      1. izziedarling says:

        He’s two and a halfish. He’s a JackRat – 90 percent Jack Russell, 10 percent Rat Terrier (sp) hence the ears. p.s. he doesn’t know he’s a dog so don’t tell. 🙂

      2. theonlycin says:

        My lips are sealed 🙂

  13. gospelwriter says:

    Loved #10 and 4 particularly, and #1 – so, so true!

    1. theonlycin says:

      Thanks gospelwriter, I enjoyed doing this.

  14. slpmartin says:

    Just love your responses to the gospelwriter’s challenge…and your puppy is just darling.

    1. theonlycin says:

      She is proving to be an interesting puppy, we will have to wait and see what type of dog she becomes 🙂

  15. nrhatch says:

    Diski is darling and I loved this challenge.


    1. theonlycin says:

      Thanks for the pingback Nancy 🙂

    2. nrhatch says:

      You’re welcome. Always a pleasure. And, if Rik (UW) is right, the tighter our web on the web, the more we benefit.

      {{ping}} {{ping}} {{ping}}

      Elbows locked, “we’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

      Hope you’re having a fabulous Friday.

  16. buttercup600 says:

    This is just so much fun…I will take this on over the weekend…love Diski…soooo cute xx Love my friend xx

    1. theonlycin says:

      Look forward to reading yours buttercup 🙂

  17. Jamie Dedes says:

    Great! Thanks for sharing. Maybe a fun exercise to do our own …

  18. Alyssa says:

    Hi Cindy,

    I’m a little delayed in leaving you a comment, but I still wanted to invite you to submit your memoirs to SMITH Magazine, the creators of the six-word memoir project. Submit to and you’ll join the other writers submitting hundreds of memoirs each day and have a chance to be published in one of our books!

    I like your revenge six-word memoir, particularly because I had a similar experience just the other day. 🙂

    Alyssa, SMITH intern

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