As seen on gospelwriter’s blog:

1. Best advice
Hope is wasted, do it yourself.

2. Milestone birthday
Had a wedding, ignored the doubts.

3. Holiday traditions
Stepchildren will always cause a fight.

4. Memorable meal
It sure looked good, nobody ate.

5. Siblings
His wife thought I was strange.

6. Cheating death
But I’ll have a last cigarette.

7. Trip that changed life
I should have taken a plane.

8. What a child taught me
Tattoos are never a good idea.

8a. Most beautiful words of a child
Lie with me until I sleep.

9. Revenge is sweet
I saw on Facebook he’s bald.

10. Worst mistake
It’s just one cigarette, no habit.

Oh, and Diski discovered an ear muscle.

We’re hoping she finds the left-hand one soon.


48 thoughts on “SIX WORD MEMOIRS

  1. Suddenly you’ve started me off trying to think of six word memoirs myself!!! Can’t think of anything else!!

    How about

    flat eared dog raises his game?

    Diski looks extremely cool:-)

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  3. Here I am swooning over Diski when I ought to either be in bed so I don’t sleep through breakfast and lunch or be preparing some sumptuous surprise for Harv’s morning munchies.

    Diski – L E F T, right? Oh darn, there goes the right one.

  4. Laughed like CRAZY on 4,5,7 and 9!! Still laughing!!

    Good ones, Cin! This seems like a GREAT idea! I think I am gonna write this up myself… let’s see now…

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  7. Hi Cindy,

    I’m a little delayed in leaving you a comment, but I still wanted to invite you to submit your memoirs to SMITH Magazine, the creators of the six-word memoir project. Submit to and you’ll join the other writers submitting hundreds of memoirs each day and have a chance to be published in one of our books!

    I like your revenge six-word memoir, particularly because I had a similar experience just the other day. 🙂

    Alyssa, SMITH intern

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