Sometime back there was a very popular television ad for one of our local fast-food outlets; they were punting their new range of coffees. The ad featured a hick couple; the lad had come a-courting on the girl’s farmhouse veranda. He begins reciting Italian coffee names, making the girl pant with ardour. When he says ‘Macchiato’ she is overcome to such an extent that a button bursts from her ample bosom. She blurts out: “Ag Henry, I love it when you talk forren!”

It seems that some of my WordPress friends on far-flung shores find some of my food rather ‘forren’; given comments on my snoek and oxtail recent posts. That is one of the things I most love about blogging here; I get a glimpse into other cultures and I get to share mine. *Enormous happy grin*

One dish native to our country is Melktert, a dessert that people are strongly divided on. Each family has their own – closely guarded – recipe. I personally don’t like it much, but my daughter does, so I often buy miniature versions to put in her lunchbox. I have never baked it myself, but yesterday a challenged from the Woolworths Facebook group prompted me to try it. With a prize of R500 in the offing I figured I had nothing to lose.

I used a recipe I found here:

Would I make it again? Perhaps; I found my crust a bit too crisp, so I’d tweak the recipe a bit. Maybe I’d make it if I had a ‘forren’ visitor and wanted to end our visit with a local dish.

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48 thoughts on “TALKING FOREIGN

  1. Isn’t it funny how we guard some of our recipes. My youngest sister asked me the other day to email her our mother’s milk tart recipe as she has never had it. Needless to say it is the best we have ever tasted!

  2. I have company from California right now. Please FedEx four! Yes, I will have to look up details on the Internet to explain what it is. Oh, don’t bother bundling up the barracuda. 🙂

  3. HAHAHA…I luv it…yeah forre’n huh? LOL so… yA’ll got Hick peoples over there too huh? LOL L.M.A.O. hehe…wheew..Okay….hehe…he…can’t stop really…whew ..I’m composed …whew… Okay ….lol…Enormous Happy Grin?
    LOL, I’m sorry I can’t stop laughing…you are so funny… and I so love you…but hey
    seriously now… I doubt that you could EVER cook anything that would EVER want me to end our Visit!!! Hell,i’m branging the family…LOL after all…you know we far -flung Wales though blue in face, were red-neck on your shores too…LOL
    Could you Please pass the Jelly?

  4. Since I was reading one of your posts, I should have realized that it would not end up being about “talking forren,” but my mind being the way it is (rather skewed), it immediately jumped to a YouTube video one of my physician friends showed me the other day. Hope you enjoy it! (This version has English sub-titles – my first view of it was all French! Believe me, language is no barrier here!):

    • The whole time the ad ran, I thought: I am so glad to be CHILD-FREE!

      When it turned out to be a “Use Condoms” ad, I brayed!

      Thanks, Paula! Thank heavens your mind is exactly as it is! : )

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