We are often embarrassed by our children; it is one of the many occupational hazards that are attached to the job of being a parent. Children are notoriously indiscreet and will spill family secrets indiscriminately. There is, for instance, a teacher in Cape Town, Phillipa Warren; who has it on good authority that my husband and I dance rather energetically some Saturday nights and that, on at least one occasion; a wine glass has been kicked over.

Another story that made its way to Phillipa’s ears was the story of how our Chelsea was born. She happily confided to her teacher and class that her mom and dad ‘knitted me with love’ and that ‘when the knitting was long enough, they took it to the midwife and she sewed it all together and made me born’. No amount of protests to Mrs Warren would assure her that Chelsea had never actually seen us ‘knitting’.

Thank you, Phillipa, for providing our child with guidance and foundation, and for providing us with so many laughs. Happy birthday.

You’re a teacher in a million.


35 thoughts on “HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY

  1. There is no greater power than a teacher who is living out their true calling – truly a blessing.
    There are too many for whom it is just a job and who ruin so many young lives!
    What a blessing Bunn had!

  2. I love the knitting story – what a lovely way to explain the baby story to children. I was brought by the stork -that had me confused because I thought it was margarine!
    Have a great week:)

  3. It is so nice to have a good relationship with your child’s teacher – and a dedicated one at that. Very few teachers or nurses (and even some doctors) view their jobs as a ‘calling’ any more, I fear. Lovely post esp. the knitting story.

  4. Lovely post, Cin, and GREAT way to spend Saturday nights!

    A cousin of mine related a cute story on FB last week, also being a teacher. Asking her third graders what you would see when entering King Tut’s tomb, one answered ‘King Tut’s thingy’!

  5. My parents told me i was born under the gooseberry bush.
    Which is of course nonsense. i was born in a hospital bed.
    knitted with love, that’s an interesting concept

  6. haha. gotta love how kids see the world and interpret what we say…love her outlook…and kinda glad the boys have never caught us knitting…smiles.

  7. Love this post – and especially Chelsea’s story! Much better than the stork or cabbage patch!

    BTW, I finally got around to completing the story of my Mom’s wedding rings, and posted it this evening. Enjoy!

  8. This is a gem… lots of chuckles.

    The only ones worse than kids when it comes to indiscretions are the elderly … when the get to the point where all the filters are down. Can be quite interesting.

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