Someone recently reacted to her son’s comment that he was unimpressed by other people’s money with a post about things that did impress her. I thought long and hard about it and, although I was initially inclined to agree with the young man; I am actually impressed by wealth, especially when there is a rags to riches story behind it, a saga of hard work and resolve.

Yes, triumph in the face of adversity impresses me immensely.

Humour also impresses me; the talent to relate arbitrary things and raise a laugh.

I am always impressed by kindness and a very simple message I received this morning, with the sole intention of its sender being to try and help me with something; is a gesture I will never forget.

Good manners are awfully impressive and I love to see a man holding a chair for a lady to sit down. If the man is very young and the lady is clearly his grandmother, my heart sings soppy songs.

Creative people who clearly enjoy their creativity;
Sunrise in Cape Town;
Sunset in Johannesburg;
The sight of children picking up litter;
The interaction of a man and his well trained hound.

This is very, very nice; I find that my list is endless.


59 thoughts on “I’M IMPRESSED!

  1. My heart melts at the grandson/granny thing too!!!!!!!!!!! *pictures our Granny’s 17 year old opening her car door for her*

  2. Like Nzwakaduja I haven’t ever consciously given a thought to it. Off-the-cuff I think a kindness or considerate act by someone without being asked impresses me hugely.

  3. Good list.

    I’m impressed with creativity, autonomy, authenticity, kindness, a keen sense of humor, the willingness to share joy (even in the face of adversity) . . . and this blog.

  4. Now that’s an interesting thought!
    Creativity sure does impress me, the ability to think out of the box, music composers (that to me is one step beyond creativity :)), the ability to be able to speak in many languages – my husband can do that – at least he can make small talk in many many langs, gosh!! I think my list is quite long…
    Nice post, Cin…

  5. I’m impressed by your blog, words and photo (today and in general).

    At the marina the other day, I was impressed by a man who sat on the rocks with his cat, who he obviously doted on – I see so many people walking their pets (mostly dogs) or children while chatting nonstop on their cell phones, as if dog-walking, child-minding is just another job in the day of a life. That does not impress me.

  6. Ah, the values and characteristics we treasure … says something about us … your list says: Cindy is a fine lady, in all the best senses of a word (a sensibilty) that is rarely used anymore but still has weight with some of us. Hugs!

  7. Okay, for what ever reason upon reading this lovely post I can not think of a thing to say…well, okay, Arbitrary Sarcasm, yeah, I’m guilty…For some reason I was taken back to childhood, entering my cooking, country store running, garden hoeing,fruit preserve canning grannies house on a weekday lunch time, and hearing the words from the T.V. ( As grains of sand slowly sift through the hour glass-so are the days of our lives) then we had fresh tomato sandwiches,cantaloupe, fresh squash, red-potatoes, field peas…and the ever present staple she spent preparing what time she was sitting and not shelling beans, ( Ritz Crackers with Peanut butter).

    Don’t ask me where that came from; you always have a way of bringing the best of childhood memories to my mind…and even at the most unlikely times.
    God Bless you

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