I dreamed last night that I won the R18 000 worth of Le Creuset products competition currently running online by Fair Lady … Of course it is a dream that is unlikely to come true, given the odds of about a million other entries. I don’t need the pots, but – oh! – how I want them, despite the fact that I have four shelves of pots I can never possibly use at once.

There are so many things in my kitchen I didn’t need, but had to have; I have five gravy boats and need an entire day to wash all my silver ware.

A mezzaluna is not an essential item in a kitchen, but I have three. And here are just two of my collection of coffee plungers …

There are shelves and shelves of cook books in every room of my home, and yet I check my postbox daily for my new Justin Bonello.

Let’s not even talk about wine glasses, at last count I had 156 of the things … I wonder if there is a support group for homeware-addicts:

Hello, my name is Cindy and I just bought another tablecloth …



  1. You like all things kitchen – nothing wrong with that!
    At least I know where to come to if I ever need a gravy boat or a coffee plunger (mind you – I had two but one broke!).
    To be honest, the biggest de-clutterer is moving into a small place – I had to de-clutter big time – out of necessity………….. 😦

  2. I am blushing now….I want things that I don’t need and hardly ever use, but they are so pretty they make my heart happy.
    When we hike we always say what a pleasure it is to live without all the stuff we think we can’t live without in our normal lives – only to go back to the world and buy more stuff to clutter our lives with.

  3. Hahahahaha…if you could see me now…(lalalala)…I have boxes and boxes of kitchenware at the back of the warehouse because I don’t have enough space here maar oor my dooie liggaam gaan ek ooit daarvan ontslae raak nie!! Cindy my maatjie….waar was jy my hele lewe lank?????????? Come hell or high water…eendag gaan ons oor ‘n Merlo’tjie kuier!! Ek laaiiiikkkk jou baie!! xx

  4. Next time my husband doesnt want me to buy something Im going to show him this post. Im dreaming of the day I also have 4 shelves full of kitchen stuff.

  5. Do you keep adding more shelves? I am the worst hoarder I know and have started sorting but it’s SO HARD to know what to keep and what to get rid of…! 🙄

  6. I think if you’re going to have an addiction then a kitchen stuff one is by far the best to have. And who could resist Le Creuset and cook books anyway (the only thing that keeps me in check is the budget)

  7. I love your “antique” cupboard. But I’d rather seem more shelves and less stuff. : )

    I got rid of the silver ~ didn’t enjoy polishing it.

    I too had 156 +/- wine glasses (and 4 matching decanters). I’ve whittled that down to 6 red, 6 white, 6 cordial, and 6 champagne.

    I gave away the sandwich press, the electric skillet, the coffee press, the ice cream maker, the popcorn maker, the blender, the milkshake maker, the ice crusher, and all the other stuff I only used in a blue moon.

    I don’t miss any of it.

    I kept ALL my lovely pottery bowls from large, to small, to miniscule. Pottery makes me smile.

  8. ehh, needing and wanting… you have an enviable collection of items on your shelves (used or not doesn’t alter that), and I’ll raise my one wine glass (a memento featuring a dancing couple and inscribed Nanaimo Ballroom Dance Society) any time to any one of your 156. 🙂

    still chuckling at the thought of a support group for homeware-addicts and your closing statement – well done!

  9. Cool post, Cin, love the photo’s! Why does it sound like your kid/s have not yet left home, taking their share of kitchen stuff along with them?

  10. Good morning Cindy. Loved your post today — made me feel good to know I’m not the only one lusting over kitchen ‘stuff’. (Don’t have nearly the collection you do, though — 156 wine glasses!!) On another note just wanted to let you know that I have passed along the Versatile Blogger award to you — I think you’ve probably received it already, but my post explains why I’ve given it to you. I thoroughly enjoy your posts — the food, the poetry the stories — all inspiring.

  11. “support group for homeware addicts” – hahaha …you really crack me up, Cin… you are awesome!!! This is a fabulous post with some WOW pictures!!!
    I am a bit of a collector (in a really crude sense ofcourse).. no pots and pans for me.. I mean I think I use all those that I have… bit I collect beads/acrylic paints(i must have at least 50 bottles)/pistachio shells/RIBBONS(tons of ’em) and all possible knick knacks, with the hope that some day I will make something out of them. Ofcourse very few such “days” have made way in my life… but I still continue to “collect” 🙂 And it really drives my hubby crazy 🙂

  12. Any time you want to test yourself to see if you can manage a meal with only ‘cottage basics’, come to my house, Cin. Your creativity will rise to the fore. But you may go into withdrawal. For a huge giggle, I ought to send a photo of the utensils I use to puree my soups. The secret is, however, I love working with these very old, labour intensive devices. Some are ingenious.

  13. All wonderful. The signs of a well-loved kitchen. I’ve not much left since downsizing, but I still have shelves and shelves of cookbooks which I like to read like a good mystery story. And I love, love, love my mezzaluna. So much so that in one of my (unpublished as yet) novels, the coastal town where it’s set is “Mezzaluna Bay.”

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