A!nything B!ut C!hardonnay = ABC!!!

We recently acquired a new addition to our family; a little cross-German Shepherd pup who was being fostered by our next-door neighbour, Kath. Diski is settling in beautifully and is proving to be as bright as a button. Kath popped in on Saturday to see how Diski was. As we sat on my stoop, she pulled out a bottle from her bag: Kleine Zalze Cellar Chardonnay! It seems she reads this blog, I find that quite delightful, but am distressed that she hasn’t picked up on my aversion to Chhhhhhh … can’t repeat the word. Nonetheless, I am not one to look a gift donkey in the snout, so I cast about my memory and remembered this dish; ham-wrapped chicken fillets stuffed with feta and herbs, gently oven-poached in white wine with veg. Like a burst of sunshine on the plate in this cold weather.

I do love no-fuss food you can just stick in the oven and ignore.

Come for supper Kath, if you’re reading this.

And, please, remember that I’m an ABC girl…


29 thoughts on “A!nything B!ut C!hardonnay = ABC!!!

  1. You know Cin, I’m not a “kitchen” kind of girl… however, your foodie writings are seriously tempting me to try..!

  2. Oh, good bless you. Another yummy that is wheat-and-gluten free – naturally. I think I love you.

    I am passing the “Sweet Blog” award. Don’t know how I left you off my list when I come here almost everyday. Mind like a sieve.

    Also, doing a repost on the Chicken Soup. Thanks!

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