There were no burglar bars
on windows when I was
a girl.
I played all my days
outdoors without fear;
games of cops and robbers,
(never rape or fraud)
skipping ropes and skimming stones.
There was no key
to the backdoor of my home;
and no fences bound
my world.

©Cindy Taylor 2009


11 thoughts on “BARS

  1. Ah yes, so do recall the days of leaving the front door open at night while sleeping peacefully. Sometimes without as much as even latching the screen door …not anymore.
    God Bless you

  2. OMG…how I remember those days…one of the reasons I am here now…I feel free and don’t have that here at all…leaving everything open and don’t even have to lock the car!! Your poem brought back memories that are captured within my heart forever. I still remember those ….how things have changed. Love you gorgeous girl:)

  3. Oh boy! This was lovely…
    The dark times we are living in, inspite of all the so-called freedom…it’s really an irony!
    I wish our politicians and the likes read this poem! (sigh)

  4. This is the third poem which I’ve read in the last day that has had this theme of ‘how things have changed’…and not for the better…I too recall those days when you didn’t have an alarm system in your home.

  5. I’d be gone from dusk to dawn
    My mother never worried
    My dog would tire and give a whine
    Was only then I hurried.

    (I’m NOT a poet, but I still love to play!)

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