Mouthing, mumbling, indistinct;
without preamble.
Muttering over supper plates
supplying standard fare.
Staple teaspoons of fruity,
saucy, scandals, falls;
tittle-tattle between bites,
bringing platitudes to play.
Perhaps we’ll pause for pudding
and permit the taste to linger
longer on the palate.
Pet lapdog’s ever ready
and waiting on the bed
with wordy dreams of toast.
©Cindy Taylor 2008


10 thoughts on “THE TASTE OF TALK

  1. Awwww…can I be part of that????? Will settle for the pudding….needed on the plate!! At last I’m logged into wordpress!!! Hugggggggggs to Diski!! Baie liefdetjies maatijie oxoxoxx

  2. wwooowww… puddingggg… I am a very slow eater.. but when it comes to desserts, I am especially slow…just so as to relish each and ever spoonful of it… 🙂
    A meal, like you described is a an entire of activity… the conversation, the sensations, emotions, phew! The entire package!! 🙂

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