Ah … perhaps it’s the music on the radio, but I was nostalgic for the Seventies yesterday. Remember Avocado Ritz, Moussaka and Devilled Eggs? I thought I’d enjoy the sunny day and cook an old favourite outside on my gas stove.


On my very first dinner date, the lad arrived with a carnation in a bottle of Babycham (I thought that was sooo sophisticated!) and carried me in his Alfa Sud to the Greek Sizzler, one of the few restaurants in Bloemfontein at the time. I ordered a Carpet Bag Steak, which was all the rage then. I was sick as a dog when I got home, and to this day I can’t stomach a cooked oyster, although it may have been an effect of the Grunberger Stein on my unsuspecting young tummy.


But from time to time, I do hanker after the combination of surf and turf tastes. The fish market in Dunkeld had fresh mussels yesterday, so I poached them in tomato, onions, garlick, ginger, corriander and a squirt of lemon.

Just perfect with a piece of rare fillet, which I had marinated in fish sauce and soya sauce …

And then the newspapers, a nice long nap …


16 thoughts on “CARPET BAG MEMORIES

  1. Your mention of moussaka reminded me of how long it’s been since I made it. I swear, Cin, you’re trying to fatten all of us up with your foodie posts. Some people just have to read recipes to put on weight, lol!

  2. I always love surf and turf as well – in fact, I like a real mix of food. I remember having the most wonderful allsorts meals at Leipoldts – can’t remember if that’s how to spell it. All sorts of exotic things set out in a buffet.

  3. Lucious! I do enjoy steamed mussels and clams . . . and moussaka is one of my fav among Greek dishes. Your post has me drooling, Cindy. Sounds like a pleasant evening. Hooray for you!

  4. Sounds like a very yummy dinner seasoned with memories. If I lived near you I would casually drop over for a visit, with a bottle of Merlot in hand with the hopes of an impromptu invitation to dinner! 😉

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