13 thoughts on “POWERFUL, HAD TO SHARE

  1. I think it is especially important for people who do not have children living at home to realize how great an influence they have on others’ children. It is a huge responsibility, accept it or not, it is real.

  2. This may be the general reaction of imitation for children who do not identify with the person subject to abuse. But if in any way, they are themselves the subject of abuse, generally, although I would suspect there is no deterministic rule, they would consider more deeply the consequences of the abuse.
    Having said this, I agree with you and the psychologists that children, even adults learn a great deal of their social norms through imitation. It is thus worthwhile to instill a critical (in the sense of objective) perspective on life.
    Don’t punish, educate.

  3. Actually, I’ve made an error. I should know from experience, that children who suffer abuse, will likely abuse others. (There are no hard and fast rules. Always the exceptions.). But as I thought of this video, it is most likely that the adults who are behaving in abuse relationships with persons other than their children, might (Underlined) also be subjecting their children to abuse.
    But I don’t want to get into analyzing or even talking about instances of dysfunctional relationships. I don’t need the example in my life. Just thank God that there are so many exceptions to the contents offered in this video.

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